Creative Grids goes Crazy!

Crazy quilt blocks have never been easier!  Use this set of templates developed by Karen Montgomery to cut five different shapes which can all be cut from a 10″ square or a 6″ strip.  A block consists of one A; one B; two C’s; and one D.  The A and B are cut from the same template.  Each template has grip around the outside edges so there is no slipping when cutting.  The corners are clipped so it is easy to line up the units when piecing.  And, when pieced, the finished block will measure 8″.

Item #CGRMT4  Retail $22.95

Karen designed this pillow that is created from four pieced blocks which are trimmed down to 14″ after the embellishments are completed.  Do you have a wedding in your future???  What a great shower gift.  Make it more special by using laces, buttons and ribbons from family members.  The rings can be tied to the bow in the middle.

Item #CLPMO004

This Bead Gravy has a great selection of embellishments so they are the perfect companion.

Item #BDGR2  Retail $4.98

This booklet by Leisure Arts can assist with basic embroidery stitches if needed.

Item #LA56019  Retail $4.95

This baby quilt in pastels is even more special since it is backed by a plush fabric.  What baby wouldn’t want to snuggle under this???

Item #CLPKMO005

Karen has also created two other patterns that support the ruler and takes this tool to a whole new level!  Look how you can “control crazy”:

Item #TQC332  Retail $8.50

Gone Scrap Crazy is a great way to use up scraps in a controlled way…

Item #TQC333  Retail $8.50

How fun is this?  These templates are a great way to use up scraps because if the template fits on the scrap, you can cut it!  Just organize the cut pieces by shape and start your scrap collection!