Vintage – McCall’s Blast from the Past

When “Vintage” is now described as fashions from the 1960’s and 1970’s – which is when I went to high school and college – you know you are getting old!  I not only wore these clothes, I probably made them with these patterns!


Item #CB4819  Retail $12.95

These vintage pattern covers have been recreated in notebooks and note cards which are sure to make you smile!

Three notebooks are  batched with twine like a stack of old sewing patterns.  Each notebook features an original McCall’s design with graphics and slogans that are sure to make you smile.  The interior pages are sepia-toned and adorned with sewing motifs – some plain and some lined – so you can sketch or make notes.  The 6″ x 8 1/2″ size is the perfect travel size!  A set or individual notebooks would be a perfect gift for a quilting friend.  Or why not use them as favors for your next quilting event?

These notebooks have been so popular that they are adding notecards – due in May, just in time for your summer events.

Each package contains four different designs.  Once again the packaging is adorable!


Item #CB4826  Retail $14.95

The envelopes resemble deconstructed pattern pieces which add charm to an already irresistible gift!  Why not order a selection of note cards for an in-store display?

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Steamfast Irons are Back in Stock!!!

I just couldn’t wait to tell you!  My favorite mini iron is back in stock!  It weighs less than a pound, heats up in less than a minute, and produces steam like a professional iron.

It is sew easy to manipulate that you will prefer this to a traditional iron making it your go to iron – not just the one you take to retreats.


Item #SF-717-A  Retail $29.99

Don’t forget to have the Travel Iron Tote pattern on hand as well…


Item #SCT10105  Retail $12.00

These thimbles are a great add-on sale ….no more burnt fingers….


Item #82445  Retail $5.99

Every seam that is sewn, needs to be pressed so lets do it in style!

Beautiful Gifts – Part Three

These eco-friendly zippered totes by C & T are made from recycled materials.  Who would have thought that plastic bottles and old tires that would have ended up in the landfill could look this good?

These bags are durable and big enough to carry everything!  They are approximately 15″ square and 8″ wide.  The extra depth makes them perfect choices for quilts.

Posey Patch by Corey Yoder










Item #20267  Retail $7.95

Operation Homefront

Proceeds from the sale of this bag are donated to this worthy cause.


Item #20258  Retail $8.95

Jack and Jill by Allison Harris










Item #20224  Retail $6.95

Orbit by Jennifer Sampou










Item #20251  Retail $7.95

Or choose from the newest bags from Tacony that will be arriving soon…










Item #MR4642-01  Retail $2.71










Item #MR4642-02  Retail $2.71










Item #MR4642-03  Retail $2.71










Item #MR4642-04  Retail $2.71

They are a little smaller and snap instead of zip.

At these prices, why not have a display and let them choose.  The Tacony bags would be a great give away with $50.00 purchase; the C & T bags with $100.00 purchase!  What a great promotion for shop hop season!

To see the complete collection of bags, visit our website:

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Beautiful Gifts Part Two

Did you know that Checker carries over 100 jigsaw puzzles – mainly showcasing quilts?  My family always has one set up around the holidays.  Many of your customers do as well so why not make it the first gift they buy this year???

These puzzles by Suns Out range from 300 – 1000 pieces.  The 300 piece versions are a great choice for those who want to spend quality time with the younger set – 6 to 10 year olds…


Item #62381  Retail $12.00


Item #69624  Retail $12.00

There are also 500 piece versions – perfect for an afternoon in front of the fire…


Item #19182  Retail $11.00

And, 1000 piece versions….

Counting the Days….


Item #34985  Retail $16.00

Grandma’s Craft Room


Item #38779  Retail $16..00

To check out the complete collection, visit our website:  // puzzle

These would make a fun and colorful display – or place them next to your Christmas lines for a touch of whimsey.


Ackfeld Expands into Home Dec

I love all of the quilt hangers that Ackfeld has introduced over the years.  And, now they have added a new line of home decor items in four different themes.  Bring the entire room together by adding switch plate and outlet covers.

Fall Leaves

This set of four cut out designs is gorgeous – but I would love to back them with a miniature quilt in autumn colors!











Item #30134  Retail $99.00

The leaf shaped light switch would look great in any log cabin….


Item #30514  Retail $16.50

And, the accented outlet and switch plate covers complete the look….

30724 (1)


Item #30724  Retail $13.35


Item #30714  Retail $16.75



Item #30147  Retail $99.00




Item #30152  Retail $99.00

Sea Shells








Item #30557  Retail $99.00

Switch plates and outlet covers are available for all four designs.  Each piece is made in the USA of 18 gauge steel, then covered with a beautiful copper vein powder coat.  They are then hand painted and then coated with a shimmery final coat – which adds beauty and durability.



Eazy Peazy Gifts in Less than Two Hours

This is one of those books that should be on the shelf in every quilter’s library!  It is the perfect source for patterns for those times when you just want to give “a little something” – and no matter what the occasion, Margaret has the gift!

Item #151052  Retail $9.95

Give your favorite shut-in this “Stow It”.  Include some tissues, hand sanitizer, and a little light reading – and they will love you for it!

Or celebrate any occasion with a bottle of wine or champagne.  This wrapping even includes a pocket for a note or a gift card.

Or turn any sweatshirt into your favorite jacket.  Who doesn’t love pockets and embellishments!

I don’t have pictures of everything – but one of my favorites is a garment bag!  What a great shower gift for a special wedding.  Why not make matching sets for all of the bridesmaids?

And, then there is the small zippered clutch that is featured as a first aid kit – right down to the appliqued band-aid!  How cute is that???  These would be perfect stocking stuffers for every child on your list.  Everyone needs to have a first aid kit handy in their car – and this one definitely has style!

Or give someone a basket for a home spa experience complete with flip flops, eye mask, and scrubber – but you’ll have to buy the book to see the rest….Believe me this teaser is worth it!

Tis the Season for Gift Giving

While searching our website for new products, I noticed that we have added over 60 gifts this month alone!  These are great items for this time of year – you don’t have to make a sample, kit them, or teach a class.  And, remember, your customers buy gifts for non-quilters as well so let them do some of their Christmas shopping at YOUR store!

Many of these new items are by Anna Griffin.  Her style appeals to all ages.  Here is just a sampling of the new gifts….

What cute packaging!  These note cards are adorable!

Item #BN202  Retail $18.00

This note paper holder has its own sense of style.

Item #Bp106  Retail $15.00

Everyone needs note pads and sticky notes.  Why not have some with personality???

Item #BP302  Retail $12.00

Item #BS106  Retail $12.00

But Anna has more than just great stationery!  Animal prints are all the rage and she has some of the best!

This snake skin computer case is a great fashion accessory.

Item #FG2606  Retail $45.00

A cosmetic bag in leopard skin is large enough to hold all of your essentials.

Item #FG1429  Retail $39.00

Check out this lunch bag – the perfect choice for any style conscious exec!

Item #FQ1543  Retail $30.00

To see a complete listing of all of her gift items, visit our website at:  // Remember – everything isn’t in yet but new items are arriving every day so I want to keep you up to date on the latest happenings!  And, this time of year, it changes daily!!!

Gifts – Did you know….

The holidays are approaching soon so it is time to check your inventory.  During the holidays, you can draw a whole new audience – your customers’ families!  They may not sew, but they may love other gifty items – or feel more comfortable buying them for your customers than fabric!  Let’s keep them happy….

Check out the gift tab on our website:  //

Here are some of my favorites – and some that you may not have known were available.  Our family does a jigsaw puzzle every winter and, of course, the ones featuring quilts are my favorites.  Did you know we have almost 100 to choose from?  //

Item #15854  Retail $16.00

I love note cards and stationary.  Did you know we have over 300 varieties to choose from???  //

This assortment from Kim Diehl is one of my favorites…

Item #G118  Retail $9.99

I love journals – and this Daily Journal by Edyta Sitar is the perfect size and is chock full of beautiful pictures that would make any quilter smile….We have 30 varieties of calendars available as well….//

Item #L112940  Retail $14.95

Make sure you have a supply of gift certificates on hand….Many times these are the perfect choice….

Item #HRP14  Retail 8.50

There are 60 in a pack.  Keep them displayed at the register as a reminder to your customers that they are available!

You can’t get Any Smarter than This

We call it schlepping – and every quilter and shop owner hates it!  Schlepping is having to pack and move all of our stuff anywhere – whether it is to a retreat, a class, a sewing day, a guild meeting, a vendor’s mall, or around the shop or house.  After all, quilt supplies come in all shapes and sizes – and they are not light!

These Smart Carts will be a top seller – one is just not enough!  Your customers will want them for their husbands and children too!  They come in two sizes.  The Smart Cart measures 13″  18″ x22″ and weighs less than 3 pounds.  It holds up to 110 pounds and folds up to only 2 inches.  Made out of waterproof vinyl, these carts are on rollers so you can take (and store) them anywhere.

Item #01-016
Item #01-017
Item #01-018
Retail $32.99

The Bigger Smart Carts have all of the features you love but measure 16″ x 18″ x 22″.  Choose black, red or blue…

Item #01-003BSC – Blue
Item #01-002BSC – Red
Item #01-004BSC – Black
Retail $46.99

Keep one in your car at all times.  Since it only take up two inches, you can keep on hand for everything – including carrying in the groceries!  Think Christmas – and tie a bow on it!!!