The Perfect Partnership – Creative Grids and Cut Loose Press -Part Two

The Creative Grids 30 Degree Triangle is a top selling ruler – and once you see these patterns you will understand why!

Evergreen by Christine Van Buskirk – one of the designers of the ruler is a throw that can be finished in plenty of time for winter!


Item #CLPCVB007

Sue Hanson creates pine trees that will be the focal point of any round table – or turn it into a tree skirt. Or, why not both???


Item #CLPSHN002


Item #CGRSG1  Retail $26.45

Christine also created this “Cuddle” quilt that features this incredible fabric on both sides!  We would love to show it to you – but the staff keeps stealing it!


Item #CLPCVB006


Item #CGRSAV1  Retail $36.45

This six-pointed star was cut with the top selling Stripology ruler and then pieced with Quiltworx paper-piecing foundations – two products that guarantee success!


Item #CLPCMC004


Item #JNQ194P  Retail $10.00


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $24.95

Your customers already love these rulers – why not give them more options???

Every Quilter Needs Great Support

Now that I have your attention – we mean support for your favorite Creative Grids ruler, of course!

Did you know that we now print an Microsoft Tag on each ruler so you can scan it with your iPhone to watch a video demonstrating how to use the ruler?  If you don’t have an iPhone, visit the Creative Grids website at:  // to view the videos.  You can also print instructions for any ruler and see quilts made with them.

If you would like to view a video of the Circle Savvy ruler, for instance, watch:  watch?v=itnXgid6OWI&feature=share&list=UUKMNSZXVpy0NfAyYdUSuHhQ

You are also welcome to share images and videos on this site (and the Checker site) in your newsletter, Facebook postings, Tweets, etc.  In fact, did you know that you can share or use these newsletter posts as well?

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A new pattern by Swirly Girls Design is being released this week – now THAT’S the support that every quilter needs – patterns to support their favorite rulers!

Item #CGRSAV1  Retail $35.95

Behind the Scenes makes a great quilt, but it would also be a great backing or the makings of a two sides quilt!  What a great way to showcase a novelty print!

Item #SGD027  Retail $9.00

Carolyn Griffin of Far Flung Quilts has designed two new braid patterns to support the trapezoid ruler.

Item #CGRSRTRAP  Retail $24.45

Bordeaux Braids uses 36 strips, this is the perfect quilt to showcase a package of your favorite pre-cuts.  Since the quilt is sewn in rows, the design quickly comes alive and encourages you to finish the project.  Choose a few coordinating fabrics and you will be ready to sew in a matter of minutes.

Item #FFQ028  Retail $9.00

If you want to offer a class where they can finish a project in a few hours, choose Braided Beauties…

Item #FFQ029  Retail $9.00

Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts has designed a new quilt based on the Lazy Angle.

Item #CGR3754  Retail $21.95

Ditto is a fun new way to create zigzags!

Item #JBQ119  Retail $10.00

And, check out Varsity – her new quilt that features the CGRT12560 – the 12 1/2″ version of our ever popular 60 degree triangle.

Item #CGRT12560  Retail $25.95

Item #JBQ117  Retail $10.00

The gals at Quilt Branch have been busy as well.  They have developed two new patterns that support their House ruler.

Item #CGRQB1 Retail $25.95

Zigzags are all the rage – and are showcased in Six Halves Make a Whole Zig Zag…

Item #QB151  Retail $9.00

Or have fun piecing Daisy Cakes…

Item QB150  Retail $9.00

I talked to many of the CGR designers last week and they are releasing new patterns for Fall Market.  I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves!

Think Christmas

When I owned a quilt shop, the madness started the day school started!  That’s when quilters start planning for Christmas and harried mothers have a little time for themselves!  These same ladies are thinking about what they would like for Christmas – so why not entice them with your top picks???  You could even have gift cards nearby so they could give them to their significant other to guarantee that he buys the right thing!

This is much simpler than you think!  With very little effort you can increase sales.  For the Open House, we ran out and got some pretty red ribbon and tied a few bows!  Turn ordinary into festive just by tying a knot!

Nancy Zieman has designed a new template for Clover that makes quick work out of covers for your Kindle, IPAD, and Nook.  Teach this as a class so your customers can make them for everyone on their wish list.

Item #9570CV  Retail $19.95

Buttermilk Basin has some great Block of the Month programs that would be great gift sets.  Check out our website to see the complete collection:

Throw in some wools by In the Patch Designs and your customers will be thrilled! Did I mention that they debuted neutrals at the Open House???

Rita Fishel turned the CGR Corner to Corner Curve ruler into a must have when she wrote Curvalicious.  Why not display them as a set???

Item #CGRSRC3  Retail $25.95
Curvalicious – Item #CSC003 Retail $10.00

Rita also wrote out instructions for the Storm at Sea quilt using the CGR ruler of the same name – another great combo….

Item #CGRSAS Retail $27.45
Storm at Sea Item #CSC002  Retail $10.00

Here is Janice Pope sharing her new Bias Binding ruler – a must have for every quilter!

Item #CGRABB1  Retail $18.95

Why not partner it with her new pattern – Streak ‘O Lightin?

Item #CGRABB1207  Retail $8.00

Leaves Galore is a great system to cut petals and leaves – all the same size – in a matter of minutes!  What quilter wouldn’t love the complete set???

Item #MGLST  $65.95

The Creative Grids Circle Savvy ruler is finally back in stock!  When production can’t keep up with demand, you know you have a winner!  Combine it with one of the many support patterns such as Insider Trading by Swirly Girls Design?

Item #CGRSAV1  Retail $35.95
Item #SGD022  Retail $9.00

The Lazy Angle ruler by Joan Hawley continues to be a top seller.  Why not pair it with the book that is the quintessential companion for this ruler?

Item #CGR3754  Retail $21.95
Lazy and Lovin’ It Item #LGD901  Retail $24.95

The place mats patterns by QP Quilts were the hit of the show and Kathy knows how to sell the patterns as well as the fabric kits.  I got to sit in on her taping for CheckerYOU and it was amazing!  She can actually talk faster than I can!!!  It should be up very soon, so check it out!

Patterns Retail for $4.99

Why not kit this new pattern by Among Brenda’s Quilts?  This would also be a great class before the holidays….

Item #ABQ165  Retail $9.99

Remember!  Men love tools – they get why you need the right tool for the job.  They may not know a batik from a homespun – and will run screaming from the store if you start to explain – but they LOVE gadgets so make sure you have plenty on hand for the quilter in their life!