Dress It Up with Buttons

Dress It Up buttons have been a favorite for a long time – and now new designs are expected at the end of the month! They should arrive just in time for your counter displays for the holidays. Yes, there are holidays after Christmas! Buttons are the perfect addition to a St. Patrick’s Day card, an Easter basket, or Mother’s Day gift.

What little girl wouldn’t love to see these in an Easter basket???

Flower Fairies

Item #JBT7022 Retail $2.49

Once Upon a Time

Item #JBT7021 Retail $2.49

Adults won’t be able to resist these new entries:

Head Over Heals

Item #JBT6963 Retail $2.20


Item #JBT6953 Retail $2.20

Flip Flops

Item #JBT6937 Retail $2.20


Item #JBT6961 Retail $2.49

And, some that no one can resist….

Spools and Scissors

Item #JBT6942 Retail $2.20

Kit N Kaboodle

Item #JBT6971 Retail $2.20


Item #JBT6930 Retail $2.20

To choose the selection for your store, visit our website: //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?v=D780