Bonnie Hunter’s New Book will Soon be in the Building

The description of this book was so well done, I just couldn’t top it so enjoy!

Once you go scrappy, there’s no turning back!

Are you buried in scraps—big pieces, small pieces, hunks, chunks, strips, and parts? Bonnie K. Hunter fans will love her newest book of playful string-quilt projects! Sew a dozen vibrant quilt patterns using the small leftovers from other projects that seem too tiny to save, yet too big to toss. Learn Bonnie’s basics for foundation piecing narrow fabric pieces 3/4” to 2” wide, turning them into dazzling scrappy blocks and one-of-a-kind quilts.

• Have a string piecing party with a best-selling author, the great Bonnie K. Hunter
• Love your leftovers! Become a scrap quilt addict, sewing fabric strings and crumbs into brand new blocks
• Hunter fans will love this offering of twelve “use it all” patterns in her signature style

I kept these pics as big as possible so you can see the detail! Simply stunning!

Her quilts are a spectacular study in color! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

Bonnie Hunter – need I say more???

Bonnie K. Hunter is releasing a new book next month that features twelve new patterns and describes her classic scrap organizational skills that have made her famous!  In this case, pictures are worth a thousand words – so I am going to shut up now and let Bonnie’s quilts do the talking!


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You know everyone is going to want it so why not pre-order it today so our buyers will be able to meet the demand – because we all know everyone will want it!

Bonnie Hunter “Leads” the Way

Anything by Bonnie Hunter is bound to be good – and her newest book, Leaders and Enders, is no exception.  Each quilt is a study in color.  No one can combine as many fabrics with stunning results like Bonnie, so why not learn from the master???


Item #KCS124-5  Retail $27.95

In this sequel to her best selling Leaders and Enders, Bonnie shows you how to create these scrappy quilts while you are working on other projects.  Pictures are worth a thousand words so check these out….

More Adventures with Leaders and Enders



Scrappy pieced borders add additional eye candy to these quilts:




And look how she extends the pattern into the border:


Or combines unusual color combinations to make the design pop:


Bonnie teaches you how to get your scraps organized so you can work on more than one quilt at a time – and achieve stunning results!  Make it a New Year’s resolution to finally get your stash working for you!