Dear Diary

This new Block of the Month by Sherri Noel is written in chapters.

Dear Diary Block Of The Month Quilt

Each of the twelve chapter begins with a life affirming quote and is set off with blocks that all come together to create a charming 84 inch square quilt.

The pattern comes in two booklets – one for the pattern, the other for the techniques. What an opportunity to grow as a quilter while creating a work of art! Wouldn’t this be the perfect graduation gift? Or birthday gift to welcome someone into their teen years?

Or, make it for yourself – we all need a reminder sometimes to focus on the positive! This pattern is due to arrive next month so order it now and add it to your class schedule!

Whimsical Snowmen

Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs is releasing a new applique quilt next month that would make a perfect Block of the Month!

It’s all about the details – and the details make this quilt sing! Just check it out!

There is even an embellishment pack so you don’t have to look for all of those cute buttons that are just the right size! Start it now and it will be done in time for Winter – next Winter that is!

Wool Block of the Month by Sue Spargo

Speaking of bright, cheerful wool projects, guess what book just hit the top 100?  Sue Spargo, In Full Bloom.  Sue has designed this quilt as a block of the month.  Why not start this in the Fall so your customers will have a hand stitching project ready for the holiday season?

Once again her quirky style is center stage as she showcases the birds and flowers that enhance her personal landscape.


Item #SS74  Retail $28.00

Look at the detail in every block!



This is an heirloom in the making and will become the centerpiece of any decor!  To see all of Sue’s books and patterns, visit our website.

A Little Bertie Told Me…

Bonnie Sullivan is releasing her third Block of the Month program featuring Bertie at Quilt Market.  And, I can tell you right now – it is wonderful!  Below is a sneak peek image of the new Bertie’s Spring program from Maywood Studio & Bonnie Sullivan featuring Woolies Flannel.



This is strictly a preview, as nothing will be officially launched until Quilt Market in Houston.  At this time we do not have a firm delivery date, but we anticipate a spring 2015 drop.  As we did with Bertie’s Year & Winter, we will be offering a special case assortment and coordinating button pack. We will have more concrete information and a quick order form by Quilt Market.

Stop by the Checker Booth for details. The sales reps will have all of the particulars so you can start this program at your shop this Spring!

It’s always nice to put a face with a name.  Here is the woman behind this highly
successful program – Bonnie Sullivan!


Kiss Me Quick with Lynnette Anderson

This six month block of the month program designed by Lynnette Anderson is packed full of techniques that will make each class a learning opportunity!

Kiss Me Quick


Item #Y827  Retail $72.00 (the entire set)

Here’s how it breaks down:

Block #1 says it all:  Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Hearts at Home.  And lets not forget our pets!  This block includes the nine-patch border.  Who doesn’t love a little bit of piecing and a little bit of applique?


Item #Y828  Retail $12.00

Block #2 – Good Day – who wouldn’t love sitting on a porch looking out on this scene?  The pieced flying geese borders are a great break between the appliques.


Item #Y829  Retail $12.00

Block #3 includes the two flower blocks – who doesn’t love a garden that you don’t have to weed?


Item #Y830  Retail $12.00

Block #4  – Windmills and Hexies – who can resist?


Item #Y831  Retail $12.00

Block #5 – Lover’s Cottage – This project just turned into a perfect wedding sampler quilt, or house warming, or anniversary gift, or entryway display…


Item #Y832  Retail $12.00

And then put it all together with an embroidered alphabet and a striking border….


Item #Y833  Retail $12.00

I love these shorter six month programs.  Instant gratification with style!  This muted colorway will fit into any decor.

Edyta has “Handfuls of Scraps” and knows how to use them!

Edyta will be at the Open House next month – and if all goes according to plan – she will have her new book in her hot little hands!  You already know every customer who will buy them, so why not get them signed copies?


Item #LBQ0460  Retail $27.95

The cover alone sells the book.  Who doesn’t want this quilt???  The book includes 36 quilts that use English Paper-Piecing and Broderie Applique.  Fifteen patterns are included.  She is also packaging her own hexies and stencils so you will have everything you need to make the quilt of your dreams.

Seasonal Silhouettes for all twelve blocks will also be available – another heirloom in the making….


Item #LBQ0500  Retail $310.00

Home Sweet Home is a block of the month….


Item #LBQ0430  Retail $20.00

She will be sharing other new patterns as well – including the latest which aren’t even on our website at this point!  You can’t get any newer than that!




Item #LBQ0446  Retail $10.00

And, just in time for Christmas….


Item #LBQ0440  Retail $10.00

Edyta is also giving a school house on Sunday to share her techniques and projects in YOUR shop.  Remember – not everything is in stock so order now or pick them up in person.  You know you want to…..

A Gingerbread Village on Crab Apple Hill

Crayon tinted embroidery has become Meg’s passion.  And, this gingerbread house block of the month is the perfect project to showcase this technique.  So grab your box of Crayola’s and go to town.  Remember when we were in school and drooled over the box of 64?  Now they have a box of 152 so let your inner child play!

Block #1 – Peppermint Arch House


Item #CAH2512  Retail $6.75

Block #2 – Snowman with Cocoa


Item #CAH2513  Retail $6.75 

Block #3 – Holly Garden House


Item #CAH2514  Retail $6.75

Block #4 – Church


Item #CAH2515  Retail $6.75

Block #5 – Town Square Gaqebo


Item #CAH2516  Retail $6.75

Block #6 – Candy Cane Quilt Shop


Item #CAH2517  Retail $6.75

Block #7 – Sugar Hill Inn


Item #CAH2518  Retail $6.75

Block #8 – Ribbon Candy House


Item #CAH2519  Retail $6.75

Block #9 – Main Street Shops










Item #CAH2520  Retail $6.75

These blocks showcase her Snowflake line from Lecien:


This quilt measures 68 3/4″ square so it is a perfect wall hanging size.  These patterns are also available as a set – Item #CAH2521 – Retail $60.75.

Most of them are in stock – and the rest are on order – so order them now so you will be able to start your shop sample as soon as possible!


Quilt size 68-3/4in Square. Block 12-3/4in. What could be better than Victorian Gingerbread? Crayon tinting adds so much depth and life to the oh so simple embroidery, with just enough sparkle to make it extra fun. Uses Snowflakes by Meg Hawkey from Lecien.

Let it Snow so we can Sew….

As I am writing this, much of the country is preparing – or in the midst of – a winter storm that is a record breaker.  So what do quilters do when they are snowed in?  Light a fire, and let us sew, let us sew, let us sew!

The perfect project to celebrate Winter is this ten month block of the month by Shabby Fabrics.  That means you still have time to start this one – and be done in time for Winter 2015!










Item #SF48580  Retail $42.00

This quilt has lots of embellishments – 93 to be exact – and they all come in a kit to make your life so much easier!








Item #SF48582  Retail $28.00

The snowflakes can be cut by hand – but who would want to cut 15 by hand when they are available in a laser cut version?  These would be great embellishments for any quilt – not just this one!








Item #SF48583  Retail $24.00

Your customers will also need DMC floss in a variety of colors:  Item #117UA-310; #117UA-838; #117UA-3875; #117UA-561; #117UA-562; and 317W-E168 (a silver metallic).  She also recommends a Black Pigma Pen – Size 005 – Item #SDK00549.  So when quilters get snow days, turn up the fire and let the quilting begin!






My Favorite Block of the Month

Bertie’s Year by Bonnie Sullivan tracks Bertie’s adventures throughout the year.  In case you haven’t guessed, Bertie is a charming bird that can fly anywhere and sees everything.  These blocks measure 13″ x 17″ and can stand alone or be sewn into a quilt.





























The item numbers for these patterns are #ATN1321 – #ATN1332 and retail for $8.00.

The backgrounds and pieced borders are all created with her wonderful Maywood Woolie Flannels.  The flannels showcased in this series are available in a case assortment:









What a great way to add a perfect selection of quality flannels to your inventory!

Bonnie picked Valdani pearl cottons for all of her embroidery.  These sets are available in 8 and 12 weight collections.









Bonnie recommends Soft and Fuse for the appliques – which can be done in flannel or wool.





Item #SFP-3YDH

If you choose wool instead of flannel, we have both In the Patches and Weeks Dye Works.

The fabric is due in March – not all block of the months need to start in January…and this would be a great one to start this Spring.  The background blocks are simple piecing – which can easily be completed in a class.  The appliques are handwork – great projects for vacation and traveling!  Why not get your program organized today?