The Stockings were Hung

Two Christmas patterns hit the top 20 this week which means it is time to Think Christmas!  You already have the Christmas fabrics.  Now is the time to spruce up the display with the patterns that support them.  Ordering now will also let our buyers know which patterns are going to be the most popular – and order accordingly.

These stockings are sew simple that they would make a great mother/daughter class!

Item #07739  Retail $9.00

In the Nick of Time includes eight different styles of stockings for one low price!

Item #121045  Retail $9.95

If your shop features wool, these stockings are a must have!

Item #ATN804  Retail $9.00

These pieced, appliqued, and embroidered patterns coordinate nicely with the wool stockings…

Item #ATN906  Retail $9.00

For those of you who love red work, Birdbrain Designs has a variety of choices.

Item #BBD160  Retail $9.50

Many of your customers already have embraced the Twister craze so this stocking will be well received.

Item #NM-130  Retail $9.00

Item #LIL’ TWISTER  Retail $9.85

You don’t have to live in Texas to love these boots!  There is a little bit of Texas in all of us!

Item #QP185  Retail $11.00

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