The Open House in Pictures – Part Three

The calm before the storm…The aisles are polished, the fabric is organized, and the carts are waiting….

Special sales for the event were displayed….

And then the doors opened!!!!

Customers took advantage of the books and patterns displayed in the showroom – and enjoyed the air conditioned comfort…

These two have their running shoes on because they were in charge of keeping the vendors stocked at all times!

Brad always has a smile on his face when he sees happy customers!

The vendors shared a wealth of useful information with our customers…

Cart corrals helped keep the chaos down to a minimum…

360 days a year this is the Receiving Department – run by the guy in blue….but for Open House, it is transformed!!!

The tunnel is full of one of a kind bargains…and do you see those shelving units on wheels???   They were moved from the lunchroom area so 60 more people could be seated at each setting!  A little extreme?  Not if you are Rob Krieger and it comes to customer service!!!

Midwest barbecue is always a high light of the day!

Join us next year – August 18th and 19th.  But for now, thanks for the memories…..

The Open House in Pictures – Part Two

Rob never wastes an inch of space so for two days, the warehouse is transformed.  The end caps become educational displays…

Checker is the North American home for Creative Grids so this was a perfect opportunity to showcase our new additions:

In just a few short years, we have become the premier ruler company for specialty rulers.

Batiks flew off the shelves!  Who would not be inspired by Judy’s quilts?

Did you know that Checker also carries supplies for your store – paper bags, display racks, bolt buddies, etc.  Save shipping by picking them up when you visit.

Chlldren’s wear has become a hot seller….

And, this market has it’s own notions to support it….

Checker also carries a wide variety of pre-cuts from a multitude of vendors.

Brad always shops for some special sales as well…

The lunchroom becomes eye candy when the diners are surrounded by over one hundred quilts!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does a quilt say???

The Open House – School Houses and Checker You

This year, we offered six school houses over two days so more shop owners would have an opportunity to participate – and did they ever!  The week before, Rob had to redesign the room to hold 30 more people!  That is a great problem to have!!!

Five of these school houses were filmed so they are/will be available on CheckerYOU.   If you are a Checker customer, you have access to CheckerYOU!

To access this information, go to the home page:  //, and click on the CheckerYOU icon.  Use the same number and password that you use to order from our website.

The Checker technology videos and Alex Anderson were posted this week.  Sue Hausmann, Judy Niemeyer and Karen Montgomery will be up this week.  They have even edited the Checker technology video so it is broken down into manageable bites.  We aim to please!

The festivities began with a welcome from the man who has 360 degree vision and sees the importance of technology – Rob Krieger.

He MAY have been slightly influenced by Gina Krieger, the brains behind our website.  She heads the IT department and is constantly inventing new ways to make your life easier!

Checker also prides itself on bringing quality products to independent businesses that are not available in the chains.  Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs launched her new line of interfacings called Sew Lazy which will be distributed exclusively through Checker.  These short bolts make them affordable – and take the confusion out of it for you and your customers.

Karen Montgomery’s talks are always a big draw.  She always shares lots of useful information that you can incorporate into your shop immediately!  I don’t know if she intentionally color coordinated her outfit to match the decor – but I wouldn’t put it past her.  Karen always thinks of everything!!!

Todd Gibson shared how to write a business plan for your business – and take control of your future….

Judy Niemeyer launched her new Creative Grids ruler that makes cutting her Double Wedding Ring quilts a breeze!

She shared how you could become certified shops,

and her new patterns based on a log cabin foundation – I see a new ruler in her future!!!  What a talented lady!

Sue Hausmann was the talk of the show.  We asked her to teach YOU how to sell products like she does when you bring her in for an event.  She sold everything in site! The Swirly Girls had a booth next to her for two days and said they bought two of everything so it became a very expensive trip!!!  And, guess what – she is coming back next year!!!

Alex gave us an up close and personal look at how she became a T.V. – and now cable personality…

We love it when we draw a crowd – and are already talking about what we can do to top this!!!

If there is something you would us to cover, please let us know.  We listen!!!