T-Shirt Quilts have never been Easier

I gave lectures this week-end on how to make a T-Shirt quilt.  The audience had several questions so I thought I would share the answers here with you.  I designed this Cut Loose Press pattern so that even beginners can be successful.









Item #CLPPHA004  

This quilt consists of five rows of five blocks.  What makes this pattern unique is that ALL of the T-Shirts are sashed to 16 1/2″.  The sashings vary in width depending on the size of the T-Shirt which just adds personality to the quilt.

The term T-Shirt is misleading.  Sweatshirts, football jersies, and lycra can all be stabilized with a knit tricot fusible interfacing and included in the quilt.  This product comes in both white and black.  Just make sure the setting on the iron is adjusted to the proper heat setting.  Placing a pressing cloth over the shirt when ironing helps if there is a lot of ink or paint on the shirts.







Item #328B-WHT  25 Yard Bolt   $4.31 a yard

Once the backs of the shirts are stabilized, center the design using the Creative Grids Square It Up and Fussy Cut ruler.










Item #CGRSQ16  Retail $38.45

If you would like to have friends and family sign the quilt or personalize plain squares, use a Pigma Pen size 08.  These pens come in four primary colors – red, green, blue, and black.









Item #XSDK0849  – Black – Retail $2.89

Item #XSDK0836  – Blue – Retail $2.89

Item #XSDK0829  – Green – Retail $2.89

Item #XSDK0819  – Red – Retail $2.89

Make a memory today.  You can make this queen size quilt in 12 hours or less!

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  1. I have been successful using ALL types of garments in these quilts stabilizing only with Terial Magic, then sewing together using a Walking Foot. It saves lots of time & effort. When I do the longarm quilting, I quilt around the printing or add designs based on the block so even if/when the quilt is laundered (which washes out the Terial Magic), it’s still a fine quilt.

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