Star Wars for the Next Generation

The Star Wars craze is just beginning for this generation – and those of us who were there from the beginning!  Click on this link to see the entire line:  Star Wars.


Item #7360029P-1

But now that you have the fabric, what are you going to do with it???  The panels won’t be shipping until next month, but why wait?  Why not design a quilt based on all of the companions?  Team Spirit features quilts designed for large prints.  Any of these designs would transfer well into these designs.


Item #B1332T  Retail $18.99

Just Can’t Cut It  is also a great choice!


Item #AWU01  Retail $8.00

This print could be adapted to work with many of these quilts.


Item #7360106-1

Or, why not choose the quilts you would like to kit now and be ready when the panels arrive?  Need inspiration?  Check out these books and patterns….


Item #1413721  Retail $14.99


Item #FRP-200  Retail $19.95


Item #MPC302  Retail $8.50


Item #MPC420  Retail $8.50


Item #CQD01134  Retail $9.00

You can literally piece the entire quilt and insert the panel later.  You can even pre-cut all of the kits.  Why not offer a class now so your customers will be able to finish this project by Christmas?













































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