Square on Square – Size Two

I can’t really call this Part Two – because you need this size as well!  This one makes a four inch finished or eight inch finished size.


Item #CGRJAW8  Retail $19.95

Sew Many Snails features an hour-glass center but the fabric placement creates an intricate design that was previously difficult, but with Jean Ann’s tool is now child’s play!


Item #CLPJAW041

Debby Kratovil uses three fabrics to create interlocking snails starting with a four-patch.


Item #CLPDKR014

Penny Candy features the Square on Square block in all its glory!  This pattern is the perfect choice to show the traditional pattern that this tool creates.


Item #CLPJAW039

In Pinwheels on Parade Jean Ann combines pinwheels with 4″ finished square on squares – and then combines them with 8″ finished blocks, with pinwheels in the middle!  You can’t get any more versatile than that!


Item #CLPJAW040

These blocks are the perfect setting squares for other pieced blocks as well.  Everything is in stock so start designing your masterpiece today!

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