See and Stitch Anywhere

These Beam N Read lights are created to hang around your neck for hands free use.  The LED lights do not generate heat.  And, the four double AA batteries last up to 120 hours!









Item #BNRLED6  Retail $29.95

This model includes an extra wide, 6 LED light base.  But with the push of a button, you can light up three.  It also comes with a magnifier – who could ask for anything more???

If you love to stitch while traveling, this vehicle adapter is a must have.  Plug it into the cigarette lighter to save battery life.











Item #BNR-DC  Retail $11.99

Or, stitch anywhere within 8 foot of a plug with this 120 volt AC adapter.

BNR-AC (1)








Item #BNR-AC  Retail $13.50

Or, get the three light version that comes with three magnifiers – 2x; 4x; and 6x:

 Item #BNR103M  Retail $31.95

Get one for your travel bag  – you never know what lighting will be available at that quilt retreat.  And one by my chair…..

But be careful!  This is one of those tools that will end up in your husband’s workshop – after all, he wants to work hands free as well.  Campers can use them to navigate the woods at night.  Or wear one to walk your dog!  You will find that flashlights have become obsolete!

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