Scrap Basket Bounty

The Scrap Basket series written by Kim Brackett continues with her latest addition, Scrap-Basket Bounty.

This book features sixteen different blocks. Each block includes three different layouts so there are a total of 48 projects in the book! Now that is a bargain! Here are just some of the surprises inside….

Choose a background fabric and let your scraps shine! This would be a great sew-in. Everyone can bring their scraps to cut – and share. Seeing the different layout options and colorways are sure to inspire everyone. Have plenty of fat quarter bundles available. After all, some of us love scrap quilts but don’t have the stash YET to create them!

2 thoughts on “Scrap Basket Bounty

  1. This is for Kim. Let’s say I have made lots of your quilts. From strip by strip. My question is a friend gave me a jelly roll called winters grandeur a few years ago and she just as if I have ever used them. Looking in your book and others I really don’t know what to do with them. I would be happy to send pictures of them if that would help. Any help with a pattern would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. Penny Haren here. I reviewed the book. Kim has written several books based on 2 1/2″ strips but this is not one of them. This book uses different widths of strips and squares to create the patterns. Refer to: //
    This book has many quilts that use pre-cuts – including 2 1/2″ strips. Or google strip friendly quilts. There are thousands out there!

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