Rulers that aren’t just for Left Handers

The Creative Grids website got an e-mail this week about rulers that are ideal for left-handers.  I AM left handed – and as is true of every left hander- have learned to adapt  a right handed world.  Most left handers can read upside down, so reading numbers upside down on the rulers is just par for the course!

But, I realized that my go-to rulers – the ones that I will search out when another ruler is laying right there – is the Creative Grids Basic Range.  These rulers have markings that are the same for everyone!  That is why I love this series – they are my entrance to a right handed world!

The squares come in two different sizes – 4″ and 6″.  The diagonal line makes them the perfect tool for squaring up half-square triangles.


Item #CGRBR1  Retail $9.45

Item #CGRBR2  Retail $14.45

These rulers have basic markings – 1/4″; 1/2″; and 1″ – that’s it!  By removing the 1/8″ markings, literally half of the markings are gone which makes this one clear and easy on the eyes.  The vast majority of quilts can be cut with this ruler.  Think about it – how often do you really cut 1/8″ markings???  And, when you do, you already have a ruler for that!  The numbers are big and easy to read.  The gripper is 1/4″ around the entire outside edge of the ruler so they do not slip at all!

Item #CGRBR3  Retail $16.95

3″ x 18″ Rectangle

Item #CGRBR4  Retail $16.45

4″ x 14″ Rectangle

Item #CGRBR5  Retail $17.45

6″ x 12″ Rectangle

Item #CGRBR6  Retail $23.95

6″ x 24″ Rectangle

These rulers do not have the added 1/2″ on two sides so the numbers required for the Turn-a-Round features are removed as well.  But my favorite feature of these rulers is the dashed lines printed in both white and black.

The black markings on white are simply striking!

The white markings on  black are easy to read as well!

Now THAT is amazing!  The numbers along the side of the ruler read horizontally while the numbers on the top and bottom read vertically so they are easy for everyone to use.

Try them – you will love them!

1 thought on “Rulers that aren’t just for Left Handers

  1. As a left handed quilt teacher….I love my creative grid rulers. Having my students opposite me (mirror image style) students connect quickly with the creative grid rulers…luv em!!!

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