Red and White and Quilted all Over

“Infinite Variety” is a true love story.  Joanna S. Rose collected red and white quilts for years starting in the fifties when you could buy a quilt for five or ten dollars.  Over the years, she collected 653 red and white quilts.


Item #RH6528  Retail $60.00

This entire collection is unique.  It is so endearing because they reflect the true art of quilting.  These were not purchased because they were award winning quilts.  Therefore they reflect the entire quilting community.  Many of them were utility quilts done by our ancestors.  Not every stitch is perfect, not every point matches – but they were all made to keep their family warm.  There is no greater love than that!

Fast forward to 2011.  Mrs. Rose was turning 80 and her family wanted to know what she would like for her birthday.  Her answer?  To see this collection of quilts all in one place.  The “Infinite Variety” quilt show was born.

RH6528_6 (1)


The entire exhibit was a gift to the city of New York as well.  Admission was free!

It took four years to photograph and document this collection in a beautiful coffee table book that spans over 300 pages.  Closeups of many of the quilts show the beautiful hand quilting that enhances the patterns.


Why not display these books with the red and white fabrics in your store?  This book – along with a collection of red and white fat quarters – would be the perfect gift this holiday season!

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