Quilts and Space Collide – Part One

International Quilt Market in Houston featured a NASA exhibit this year to launch a joint quilt project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this event in 2014.  Why?  We have out first quilter in space – Karen Nyberg!







Fellow astronaut, Chris Hatfield, amassed over 1,000,000 Twitter followers when he shared pictures from space.  When his assignment ended, Karen took up the torch.  To see these amazing pictures, visit:   //www.weather.com/news/science/space/karen-nyberg-space-images-20131104

While on her mission, Karen sewed a star block. We often talk about the engenuity of our ancestors who created beautiful quilts without proper lighting, rotary cutters, and all of the tools at our disposal.  Look at the creative techniques she developed to make sewing this block possible: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0c1CijmH7o

In typical quilter fashion, she also made a dinosaur for her son from a Velcro-like material that lines the Russian food containers!  Talk about using your scraps!

Let’s honor her by contributing a star block!  Why not create an event in your shop and ask your customers to participate as well? For details – which include a printable flyer – visit:  //www.quilts.com/pressreleases/y2013/FQF13QuiltChallengeFlyer.pdf

The 9″ finished star blocks must be returned by August 1, 2014 so you have time to organize an impressive event.  Why not set up a display featuring star patterns and patriotic fabrics?  We have over 200 star books on our website:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?limit=100&sort=score&f_cat1=31863

Don’t forget to include marking pens since every block is to be signed.  I prefer 08 Micron pens because it has a wider tip so it is easier to write on fabrics.


Item #XSDK0849  Retail $2.89


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