Quilt Labels – The Final Step Made Easy

If you think your quilts are done when you add the binding, think again!  LABELING your quilt is so important – and can add the awe factor to any gift.  Judy Haughton has developed a complete line of quilt labels which makes that step so much easier.

Whether you want to add a touch of whimsy or a touch of humor, she has a label for you!  Each pack includes two labels.

Item #QLHVD  Retail $5.95

Item #QLIRIS  Retail $5.95

Item #QL2LEAVES  Retail $5.95

Item #QL25M  Retail $5.95

Item #QL3HRTS  Retail $5.95

Item #QLDRA  Retail $5.95

Item #QLGIR  Retail $5.95

Item #QLEL  Retail $5.95

Item #QLFAITH  Retail $5.95

Item #QLSOQ  Retail $5.95

Aren’t they darling???  They are so cute you may want to put them on the front of the quilt as well!  Many finish to 6″ so they could be incorporated into a block!

But it gets even better!  This company also has a complete line of magnets and gift cards.  All of these items make great little gifts, stocking stuffers, and impulse buys so keep an assortment right by your register!

Visit our website to see the complete collection:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?limit=100&sort=score&f_v=J675

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