Quilt as You Go has Never Been Easier

One of the hot new releases at Quilt Market was this product by June Tailor.  The block patterns are literally printed right on the batting.  The backing is fusible so there is no wrinkling or puckering of the backing fabric while sewing.  As you are sewing the block seams through the fabric, batting, AND backing, you are literally completing the quilting with each sewn seam.

Each package includes the printed batting for six – 12″ blocks which measures 24″ x 36″ when completed.  There are four different blocks to choose from:



Item #JT-1403  Retail $7.99

Fair and Square

Item #JT-1402  Retail $7.99

Mosaic Magic


Item #JT-1401  Retail $7.99

Rolling Stone


Item #JT-1404  Retail $7.99

Here is a video of Jill showing just how it works:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/JT-1403

This is a great product to incorporate into a machine quilting class.  Or use these foundations to teach girls how to quilt!  These are new so order now so you can get the first shipment.  This is a good thing!

6 thoughts on “Quilt as You Go has Never Been Easier

  1. The video was great but didn’t go far enough. It needs to show not only the joining of the blocks with sashing, but how that area was finished on the back.

  2. This video was done at Market for Checker to give everyone an overview of the product. We sent your comment to Jill at June Tailor. She said that they are preparing a complete video which will be included in the packaging when they ship the product.

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