Portable Totes for your Sewing Supplies

At this time of year, everyone’s sewing room is a disaster!  We were so busy putting the finishing touches on holiday gifts that there wasn’t time to be neat.  And, since a cutting counter is the perfect place to wrap gifts, empty boxes, tape, ribbons and paper add to the chaos!

Why not get organized with these Crafter’s Caddies?  They are so reasonably priced, that you can have several – one for hand sewing; one to keep by your machine; one for embroidery projects; one for knitting; one for scrap booking….you get the idea.  They are sold in packages of six and retail for just $3.99.   Each assortment includes a variety of colors.


Item #1610A  Retail $3.99

If a larger size is needed, this Sewing Organizer is just the ticket.  Style and usability – all in one.  This is the perfect portable container to keep next to your favorite sewing chair.


Item #EVM9152-1  Retail $24.99!

There is plenty of room for all of your notions and small projects.  Filling it is a joy


2 thoughts on “Portable Totes for your Sewing Supplies

  1. EVM9152-1 $24.00
    I’m wanting to purchase this item, when I click on the item # it came back with page not found!
    I would hope that because it’s listed due to the fact that it’s available the that page. I was so excited because I have been searching for this exact tote!
    I pray that I will be able to purchase this item.
    Thank you
    Virginia Gagnon

  2. Thanks for contacting us. That tote is from Everything Mary and is no longer available. However, you can see many similar styles here: //www.checkerdist.com/search/all?&vendor_num=E750&link=1. We only sell wholesale, but our website has a ‘Shop Local’ feature to help you find a shop in your area who carries these or I am sure they will be happy to order one for you.

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