Pop-Up Bags now in New Multiple Sizes

Now the #1 selling pattern is available in three new sizes!


Item #FQG122  Retail $10.00

The pattern includes instructions to create medium (8″ x 8″): large (10 1/2″ x 11″); and extra large (14″ x 16″) pop-ups.  Buy a set of the rings – or buy the size you prefer.


Item #FQG126  Retail $38.99 (three ring set)

Item #FQG123  Retail $10.99 (medium)

Item #FQG124  Retail $12.99 (large)

Item #FQG125  Retail $16.99 (extra large)

Don’t forget to order more of the original size:


Item #FQG120  Retail $12.99

FQG121 (1)

Item #FQG121  Retail $8.99

Everyone who already has made the smaller size will want the larger ones as well – so order accordingly!

3 thoughts on “Pop-Up Bags now in New Multiple Sizes

  1. I’m not sure what type you need. We don’t have ones like used in this pattern but we do have 3″ rings that are designed to hold bobbins: Item #00714S

  2. Our customers love the Fat Quarter Pop-Ups! We just did a demo for this is out store and it was a BIG hit! We have also promoted these on our website. Our sample took about 1 1/2 hours to make … and I am sure once you’ve made a couple it will take even less time. I am thinking a seriously wonderful gift for Quilters and many others too … How cute would a set of these be for the new baby?

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