New Items by Clover are Go-Tos

Clover produces quality products that stand the test of time – and their releases for Fall Market are no exception.

Their new iron – The Wedge – features a narrow tip which gets into all of those hard to reach places.  It is lightweight and the perfect portable size.  This iron packs the punch of traditional irons.  The highest temperature  is 390 degrees!


Item #9200CV  Retail $49.98

This is not a steam iron.  A small spray bottle is included when steam is needed.  Or, use the newest scent by Best Press, Winter Magic:


Item #60095  Retail $7.95

The Junior Iron Caddy is the perfect companion:


Item #SCT10114  Retail $15.00

Inserting ribbons in casings has always been a problem.  Not any more!  In their words: The Flex ‘n Glide Bodkin is a long flexible bodkin featuring an elongated “eye” with grippers. The elongated eye accommodates ribbons and trims up to 1-1/2″ wide. The “grippers” hold trims and elastic in place while pulling through the casing. The handy length and flexibility allow for a smooth passage—even along curves.


Item #9582CV  Retail $6.25

The Elastic Lock Set includes the Elastic Lock and Flexible Bodkin. The Elastic Lock firmly holds elastic or trim ends and prevents the end from slipping into the casing. The Elastic Lock is also ideal for securing multiple rows of elastic. The flexible bodkin features a 1″ eye with grippers.


Item #9583CV  Retail $5.50

The irons are in stock.  Their other new products are coming soon so order now for your post Market events!

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