New Books hit the Top 20

I LOVE books!  And, since Market several new titles have made it into the top 20.  Check out these titles from some of your favorite authors.  Eleanor’s new book includes block patterns for 6 inch and 12 inch blocks as well as recipes they inspired.  Quilters love cooking almost as much as they love sewing, so why not combine the two???

Item #1086QD  Retail $27.95

Mary and Connie have created some phenomenal quilts using Civil War fabrics.   They take traditional patterns to a whole new level!

Item #B1134T  Retail $24.99

Check out these examples….

Seamingly Scrappy has some gorgeous quilts in a variety of color ways from traditional to contemporary.

Item #B1172T  Retail $16.99

Take a peak inside….

The gals at Buggy Barn have done it again!  Love, love, love this book and the projects inside!!!

Item #BUG619  Retail $28.00

Gathering Friends has an affordable table runner book….in every shape and size…..

Item #GF132  Retail $19.99

The sequel….21 projects at an affordable cost….

Item #LA5962  Retail $9.99

Sometimes it is best to just let the projects speak for themselves….

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