Nancy Halvorsen’s Wonder Lane

I have been writing this newsletter since the very first issue, and this is the first time I have seen a block of the month series with ALL 12 patterns in the top 100 on the Checker website! Why? Because Nancy has thought of everything! Each reasonably priced booklet features a center block with a monthly theme surrounded by three different pieced blocks. Each month, your customers can make a wall hanging that all measure the exact same size.

Frost Hill on Wander Lane - Block 1
Loveland Cottage on Wander Lane - Block 2
Shamrock Ridge on Wander Lane - Block 3
Bunny Knoll On Wander Lane - Block 4
Blossom Trail On Wander Lane - Block 5
Honeybee Hollow On Wander Lane - Block 6
Liberty Heights On Wander Lane - Block 7
Sunflower Slope On Wander Lane - Block 8
Schoolhouse Haven on Wander Lane - Block 9
Midnight Manor on Wander Lane - Block 10
Harvest Acres on Wander Lane - Block 11
Mistletoe Crossing on Wander Lane - Block 12

If that is not enough eye candy, the center blocks and one of each pieced block can be sewn into a beautiful throw. Talk about options! And, as always, Checker carries everything you need right down to the button packets for each month. Why not order them all and offer a discount if they buy all of the booklets in the beginning?

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