Let it Snow so we can Sew….

As I am writing this, much of the country is preparing – or in the midst of – a winter storm that is a record breaker.  So what do quilters do when they are snowed in?  Light a fire, and let us sew, let us sew, let us sew!

The perfect project to celebrate Winter is this ten month block of the month by Shabby Fabrics.  That means you still have time to start this one – and be done in time for Winter 2015!










Item #SF48580  Retail $42.00

This quilt has lots of embellishments – 93 to be exact – and they all come in a kit to make your life so much easier!








Item #SF48582  Retail $28.00

The snowflakes can be cut by hand – but who would want to cut 15 by hand when they are available in a laser cut version?  These would be great embellishments for any quilt – not just this one!








Item #SF48583  Retail $24.00

Your customers will also need DMC floss in a variety of colors:  Item #117UA-310; #117UA-838; #117UA-3875; #117UA-561; #117UA-562; and 317W-E168 (a silver metallic).  She also recommends a Black Pigma Pen – Size 005 – Item #SDK00549.  So when quilters get snow days, turn up the fire and let the quilting begin!






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  1. I’m not sure about the blessings of winter. At last look, my thermometer is at -19 and going down!

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