Its all about the Strips, bout the strips…

Strips come in other widths besides 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″.  But no matter what width the strip, sewing strip sets and then cutting them into units reduces sewing time drastically – and after seeing these quilts, what is not to love?


Item #B1266T  Retail $24.99

The cover quilt is easy to piece – and looks like a modern stained glass.  The crisp, clear lines are simply beautiful!

Treble and Bass is a great masculine quilt – but if you change the colors, it could be feminine and fun.  Why not continue the piano key look into the machine quilting?



Rogue also has a masculine flair that could be pieced in a day.


Journeys would make any puzzle enthusiast smile…


Flair and Crooked Path  show how Susan’s designs look in bright, crisp colors….



Asian fabrics are beautiful as well….


Why not expand your horizons and cut some strips up to 10 1/2″.  It’s a brave new world…..

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