Cut and Sew those Scraps FAST

I flat out LOVE this ruler!  It has become my favorite go to scrap ruler.  I;m telling you right now, be careful or it will suck you right in!  This little beauty is called The Straight Out of Line ruler.


Item #CGRKA3  Retail $19.45

In its simplest form, place a stack of fabric squares – right sides up – under the appropriate markings on the template up to ten inches.  Then cut the angle. Piece these units together to create a rectangle.  Trim them all up to the same size size.  Since the angled seam doesn’t have to match anything, it is very forgiving – and is the perfect beginning quilt.

In Twirl, Karla sews four of these units together to create the block.  And guess what – nothing has to match except the center seam – which is a right angle!  And since all of the blocks are trimmed to the same size, it goes together perfectly – and the outside edges of the block are on the straight of grain!


Item #CLPKAL002

In Against the Rail, she adds a strip of bright red to the blocks – wow!  Again, see how the angled seams add movement but nothing has to match?


Item #CLPKAL001

In Zig, she set the blocks on point for a totally different look!  What a fast and easy baby quilt, beach quilt, graduation quilt… get the picture!

Microsoft Word - 426 - Zig cover.docx

Item #SSQ426  Retail $9.00

In Old Glory, she pieces them in rows.  Any fireworks in your future?


Item #SSQ500  Retail $5.00

And in Vice Versa she plays with color placement and vertical stripes.


Item #SSQ502  Retail $5.00

Look what happens when you cut the squares both vertically AND horizontally – and piece wonky four-patches.  The centers are still right angles so they are a piece of cake!

Whirlwind is created with these wonky four-patches and look how the border is a continuation of the blocks achieved by color placement!


Item #SSQ420  Retail $9.00

Chain Reaction is pieced with the same four-patches but once again, color placement creates a masterpiece!


Item #SSQ421  Retail $9.00

Chains that Bind combine these blocks with solid squares to create a fast and easy version of a Double Irish Chain.


Item #SSQ427  Retail $9.00

This Churn Dash combines half-square triangles with these four-patches.  Once again, look at her color placement!

Microsoft Word - 431 - Churn Dash cover.docx

Item #SSQ431  Retail $9.00

Cut the squares a different way and you can create these beauties:

Fresh Cut creates movement – and once again the block continues into the border…


Item #SSQ401  Retail $9.00

Window View takes these same blocks and separates them so they stand alone in their own narrow window pane:


Item #SSQ408  Retail $9.00

Seriously – would you have thought that all of these quilts were made with the same tool – that sells for under $20.00????  This tool is a true stashbuster!  The quilts go together so quickly that your scraps can be keeping someone warm before the next snowfall – and here, that is coming next week!



























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