Creative Grids Itty Bitty Eights are here!

You asked – we answered – well, actually Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings answered…but we were smart enough to listen….so here goes….

Many of you were looking for a ruler with defined eighth inch markings.  And you wanted to be able to cut precise pieces when working in miniature.  When Lisa approached us about doing a ruler series for minis, she provided the perfect solution – Itty Bitty Eights!

A 3″ x 7″ Rectangle:


Item #CGRPRG1  Retail $14.95

A 6″ Square:


Item #CGRPRG2  Retail $15.95

The eighth inch lines are represented with dashed white and black markings – which show up on light AND dark fabrics.  The whole inch markings are dashed as well so you have total visibility when placing the ruler on the fabric.  Precision cutting is guaranteed.

Lisa has designed two miniature quilts as CLP’s that are darling – and are a great way to introduce your customers to the new markings on these rulers!


Item #CLPLBN001


Item #CLPLBN002

Lisa has over 20 patterns that use mini blocks that work beautifully with this ruler.  Here is just a taste:

Tackle Box Mini


Item #PRI471  Retail $7.00

Anchor Point Mini


Item #PRI475  Retail $7.00

Or why not host a charm square exchange and demonstrate Camp Randall.  This is a full sized quilt that is fun to make and your customers will love it.


Item #PRI386  Retail $9.00

Cam, a member of the CGR design team, is obsessed with this quilt and can’t wait to start it!

We now carry ALL of the Primitive Gatherings patterns and triangle paper.  Visit our website to see the entire collection:  //

There is simply too much for one article so look forward to next week…

1 thought on “Creative Grids Itty Bitty Eights are here!

  1. It would really help if on the standard ruler if the 7/8 & 3/8 inch line had a different color, such as orange, so that the most common cut of 2 7/8 was highlighted…as I have aged it is getting harder to see it with all the orther markings, and I know about the orange static tape but that requires steady hands to apply it and good eyes…even just a ruler with 1/8 inch markings would be great! thank you for reading this comment, sincerely, Linda Andeson

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