Classic Aprons with that 30’s Style

Indygo Junction has released a series of apron patterns that are as versatile as they are stylish!  With everyone’s hectic lifestyles, aprons are the new fashion statement.  These are NOT the projects we made in home ec – but I wish they were….

The Easy-On apron looks great around the house or wear it with leggings to run to the store.  It has a flattering drape that can hide a host of evils – no muffin tops in sight!  And, the deep front pockets are oh so functional!

Item #IJ960  Retail $12.99

This pinafore is a child’s version – which is trendy and fun AND AGE APPROPRIATE!  If you have ever gone shopping for clothes for pre-teens, it is a nightmare.  I am whipping these up for my granddaughters – perfect for the beach!

Item #IJ959  Retail $12.99

Another child’s  version includes a pattern for an American Girl doll.  How cute is that???  Why not start sewing some aprons out of that Christmas fabric that is arriving any day?  Host a cookie exchange with the favorite mothers and daughters in your life and gift them an apron.  Shoot, don’t be sexist – invite the guys as well!

Item #IJ961  Retail $12.99

For those bustier gals, this ones for you!  It has a string through the top so you can adjust it to fit anyone, but it looks great on everyone.  The ruffles and pockets are a great touch.  You can’t ever get enough pockets!

Item #IJ962  Retail $12.99

This vintage V-neck looks like it came right out of my grandma’s country kitchen!  What a great way to showcase those 30’s fabrics!

Item #IJ963  Retail $12.99

Remember, aprons are a great way to teach the basics of sewing – and these aprons have some style!  They also use quite a bit of yardage so be prepared to blow through some bolts of fabric….

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