Race for the Cure

With all of the Quilt Market hype, October was crazy busy but the Checker family found time to participate in this annual event.

2013-09-28 20.40.13

The Wellness Committee organized this event.  Yes, Checker has a Wellness Committee that works with employees to improve health and wellness.  The poster child for this committee is Renee Shook, assistant buyer.  She lost 65 pounds and has become a fitness nut!  Her excercise of choice?  Mud Runs!!!

2013-09-28 21.38.05









This mother of three has become the go to person for anyone who has questions about diet, nutrition and exercise.

In fact, if you walk all of the aisles in the warehouse, it equals 1 mile.  Employees come in before work to walk this route and make exercise a part of their daily routine.

Janis not only is the go to person for our customers, she used her organizational skills to guarantee that this event went off without a hitch!

2013-09-28 20.27.29

Before it begins….
2013-09-28 20.25.53

Look at the crowds….
2013-09-28 21.05.42

Some ran….
2013-09-28 22.06.45
Some hitched a ride….
2013-09-28 22.11.14
enee carried a sign displaying the names of everyone who inspired the runners….
2013-09-28 22.10.05
Whether they walked or ran, they all crossed the finish line…
2013-09-28 22.06.50
Including the future employees of Checker….
2013-09-28 20.23.55




And, thank you to our photographer, Craig who made his outfit out of duck tape!

Thank you for inspiring everyone to do better….be better…..live better…..