Atkinson Designs – The New Projects – Part One

As I write this, I am smiling because Yellow Brick Road is #3 on the Checker website’s top 20 patterns!  And with that pattern, a legend was born!!!  Sewers learned to quilt with that simple pattern – and then looked for other patterns by her because they are so easy to read and understand.  After all, the cover catches your eye – but it is the content that keeps us coming back.  And, Terry has the whole package!

Bucket Brigade

These buckets are simple to sew, have optional handles, and offer teachable moments!

Item #ATK170  Retail $9.50

Stabilizers and interfacings matter!  In this case, Terry used several products that give these buckets their shape – and keeps their shape – and they can even be washed!  Sew Lazy Face-It ad Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff add body to the buckets and is easy to sew.

Sew Lazy Face It

Item #SLG103  Retail $5.79

Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff

Item #SLG107  Retail $5.29

We all love Steam a Seam – and Terry prefers their quarter inch version for this project, but unfortunately the manufacturer is having paper issues so it is not available right now.  So, until that product is available, she suggests Stitch Witchery.

Item #227  Retail $2.29

And who would have thought that boning would stage a comeback???  Thank God it isn’t for its original use!!!  This time, Terry uses it to create the bucket rim.  And, it is so reasonably priced, one package makes tons!!!  And you know, once they make one, they are not going to be able to stop!

Item #572-9  Retail $2.99

Knit, Purl, and Roll

Quilters are creative – and have more than one hobby.  In fact, many “quilt” shops are yarn shops as well.  If we don’t knit, we certainly know people who do!  And, this is the trendiest case I’ve seen!  And look at her fabric choices!  Grey is the new black – and zig zags are hot!!!

Item #ATK171  Retail $6.50

She uses Sew Lazy Fusible Fleece in this project to give it body…

Item #SLG106  Retail $8.59

Printed Treasures is used to make tabs for needle sizes.

Item #PT-100  Retail $24.62

These are both fun projects that can be made in an afternoon – and offers lots of opportunities for teachable moments.  They will come to make the projects – learning about interfacings and photo transfer will have them coming back for other classes!  Add these to your shop hop samples and demos!  You will be glad you did…..

Item #ATK169  Retail $6.50


Christmas Quickie Quilts

When you need a quick quilt, why not return to an old favorite?  I wonder how many people have bought this pattern two or three times???  It is once again, in the top 20….This pattern includes instructions for several sizes.

Item #ATK126  Retail $8.00

Labyrinth is created with half-square triangles – and includes instructions for all sizes….

Item #CCQD141  Retail $9.00

Sometimes, a little quilted project is a great Christmas gift…This one is quick and easy with the Lil Twister (LILTWISTER Retail $9.85).

Item #STD102  Retail $8.50

This quilt comes with a template for a miniature Twister.  This template is a great size for Christmas stockings or a mini quilt for a friend.  It goes together easily – and looks like you worked really hard!

Item #pRI946  Retail $12.00

Or go Itty Bitty with this version….

Item #PRI321  Retail $10.00

Sometimes, quick and easy just won’t do.  An heirloom quality quilt is a perfect gift.  This one, by Crabapple Hill features “Vintage Tin” – a wonderful project for that man in your life…

Item #CAH274  Retail $27.00

We love quilts so why not share them with our friends and family???