A Machine that Cuts like a Printer

Confused?  I was too.  This machine hooks up to your computer and cuts the shapes on your screen.  But before you cut, you can manipulate the image in a multitude of ways – change the size, elongate a shape, separate layers – you name it!

Then, with a simple click, you can print multiples with no waste of fabric.  The grid on the computer screen matches the grid on the mat that runs through the machine so every scrap can be used.



The quilting package includes the electronic cutting tool, the software, over 50 preloaded designs, a 12″ cutting mat, cutting blade, a free month with access to the Online Library, a hook, a scraper, a spatula, a pick me up blade, and a fabric blade.

The pre-cut fabric appliques that are on the market?  Now you can cut your own at a fraction of the cost!  But this machine can do so much more!  There are packages available that give you an opportunity to expand the machine’s potential.

Temporary Tattoos


Item #SIL-TATTOO  Retail $10.00

Turn any image on your computer into a temporary tattoo.  Talk about being the best Grandma ever!!!  The party potential is enormous!  But think about the potential:  Turn your company logo into a tattoo and hand them out at shows.  Tattoo students for a field trip, use different tattoos to decide teams – you get the idea.  Teachers will love this!

Glass Etching

Frankly, I have no idea how this works – but can’t wait to try it.  Can you imagine etching names on champagne flutes for wedding gifts?  Wine glasses for showers and bachelorette parties?  Your customers will love it too…


Item #KIT-GLASS  Retail $39.99

Rhinestones are everywhere – and this machine makes it possible to add sparkle to everything, anywhere.


Item #KIT-RHINO  Retail $39.99

Come to the Checker Open House and learn from the experts.  This machine is simply amazing – and will change the quilting world forever!

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