A Few of My Finds at Market

Annie Unrein has created the perfect stiletto and pressing tool.  My favorite part?  The quality wooden handle has flat sides so it doesn’t roll off of my sewing table.  And, the tip is rough – kind of like a metal sandpaper – so it holds the fabric without slipping.  Annie uses a stiletto every time she sews – and if you have seen her samples, there is no denying the quality of her workmanship!  This is an heirloom quality pieced that will last a lifetime.


Item #SUP207  Retail $19.95

I am in the process of making curtains so this new pressing tool by Clover will be a godsend.  It measures 2 1/2″ x 10″ and includes all of the markings so you can turn and press a perfect hem.  That’s right – it is heat resistant so you can press right over the tool for perfect crisp hems every time!


Item #7811CV  Retail $19.95

These scissor holders come in pink and purple and are designed to hold 3-1/2 to 4 inch curved or straight embroidery scissors. It is made out of a quality silicone with molded secure tabs to keep scissors in place. It comes with a 31 inch lanyard to wear around your neck.









Item #SIZO-PINK  Retail $15.99

Item #SIZO-PUR  Retail $15.99

These items are in stock or due any day so order now to ensure that you will have them in time for stocking stuffers!

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  1. I have been a big stiletto fan for years in my personal quilting and always recommended one in the classes I taught. For the past several years “my favorite” brand has not been produced leaving me a little silent on the recommending part…that is until I purchased Annie’s perfect stiletto at Quilt Market. This is absolutely the best tool. Not only does it fit more comfortably in my hand than my previous favorite it has the added benefit of the pressing edge on the flip side. A duel purpose tool that has replaced my old favorite in my sewing toolbox and one that will be highly recommended to all my students in the quilting workshops I teach. Easy to use and easy to develop a new habit of using a stiletto – teach your customers the value of this remarkable tool and they will go flying out the door!

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