A Clutch Wallet – complete with Video Instructions

Sometimes all you need to do is remove the intimidation factor to create a phenomena in your store.  Pam’s pattern includes a step by step DVD so your customers and students can take a teacher home with them!


Item #NOT10  Retail $23.99

This pattern also includes an acrylic template to make fast work when cutting all of the pockets and foundations.  You can’t get any easier than this!

Pam’s 8 inch version requires these frames which are available in three colors:


Black – Item #NOT11  Retail $8.99


Silver – Item #NOT12  Retail $8.99


Gold – Item #NOT13  Retail $8.99

Why not do a storyboard with step by step instructions?  When you see how easy it is, you will be making DOZENS for Christmas!  If you sell machines, embroider a monogram or design on the main piece.  What a great way to demonstrate your machines!  Have everything else your customers need to turn the sample into a wallet.  Don’t forget to include your business card!

These frames are so hot, they are almost impossible to keep in stock so order them now!!!!!

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