Kaffe Fassett’s Ireland

Western Ireland is the inspiration for Kaffe’s new book – Quilts in Ireland.  And was he inspired!  This book includes twenty projects in his famous colorways.

















In their words:  West Ireland, with its streets of colorful painted houses and ancient stone walls, provides the perfect inspiration for the richly varied quilt designs in Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts in Ireland. Renowned for his use of color, Kaffe creates color palettes of brilliant hot pinks and reds; deep blues, purples, and greens; and soft blues and whites from his journey to Ireland, showcased in striking quilt designs that are as unpredictable as the landscape of Ireland.

Who can top that???  You know his books are as much about a study in color as they are about the projects. This book is due to arrive next month – and you already know who will want it so order them now!

Kaffe Fassett and Friends

Kaffe’s latest book, Quilt Grandeur,  includes complete instructions for 20 museum quality quilt.  Each quilt is itself a study in color and design.


Item #071474  Retail $24.95

Kaffe has joined forces with legends in the industry who share his eye for beauty and color:  Liza Prior Lucy, Roberta Horton, Mary Mashuta, and Brandon Mably.

Fabric choice and proportion make this Dresden Plate style quilt into a work of art.


What a great way to show off a focal fabric!



These fabrics seem to be illuminated from within.



Misty Log Cabin makes this traditional block an art form…



Traditional hexies are raised to the next level….





You already know the customers who will want this book – sight unseen – so why not order it today!

Welcome Home – a Glimpse into Kaffe Fassett’s Studio

This book is quite simply – spectacular!!!  What else can you say about a book filled with hundreds of photographs of the art of one of the top designers of our time???  The cover features Kaffe surrounded by his signature – over-sized roses.

Item #L11259  Retail$27.95

Yes, he is known for his sense of color, but after drooling over the photographs in this book, I love his use of texture and shapes.  Many of the photographs feature his paintings – and my favorites are pictures of pottery – which create the backdrop for a collection of gorgeous dishes displayed on a hutch in front!  The painting adds a three dimensional effect that is breath taking!  In this photo, the curves of the vases and plates are mimicked in the fabric designs.  And the colors of the pottery accent the colors in the fabric.  I guarantee you will fall in love with a room and then spend hours dissecting every element in it to learn from the master!

In this photo from his one man art exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, check out the geometric patterns reflected in a variety of mediums and textures.

Kaffe is definitely a renaissance man.  He crosses mediums effortlessly – and is famous for his knitting designs; needlepoint; and fabrics; as well as his paintings, hooked rugs, and mosaics.

There are nine patterns included in the book from quilts to hooked rugs – but you will keep returning to the photographs because this is one of those books that will appeal to everyone.  You don’t have to be a quilter to appreciate his work – share it with any friend who has a definite sense of style.  Show them that quilting is not just traditional – expand your horizons today!

Books that are Sure to Please

I love books!  There is nothing like sitting in front of the fire, cuddled up in a quilt with your favorite cup of coffee – and dreaming about your next quilt project.  And, with the weather that we have been experiencing lately, it is that time of year.  Here are my top ten picks of books that were at Market that were brand new to me….that means that I have not written about them to date.  It also means that if I didn’t know about them, many are not available immediately – and are being printed as we speak.

Pat Sloan has returned to her roots with Applique Garden.  I love her whimsical – easy to applique – designs.  These seven projects are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Item #LA5252  Retail $15.95

Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts en Provence is eye candy for every quilter – and for your customers who can never get enough brights, this is just the ticket.

Item #071319  Retail $24.95

For those of you who love AccuQuilt – the Go machine – this book just made your life easier.  It includes 12 designs that can be made by combining the die shapes available.

Item #141325  Retail $14.95

Tote Bags are always a hit and there are two great selections that your customers will love – including Amy Butler’s newest.

Item #CB6669-9  Retail $29.95

Item #10746  Retail $ 15.95

For those of you who love redwork, these adorable embroidery patterns of children at play are absolutely adorable – the faces are simply charming!

Item #LA5274  Retail $9.95

Many of us have had the opportunity to view the exhibit of decorated bras that has been touring the country to heighten awareness of breast cancer.  Who could not look at this book and smile…..

Item #KCS27-2  Retail $ 24.95

Just in time for Christmas, Whimsicals has come out with a new book – and it is quirky and charming as always!

Item #WH320  Retail $24.00

Everyone’s favorite Carrie Nelson has a new book out that features her ever popular scrap quilts.  Her sense of color makes these quilts sing!

Item #LA5103  Retail $24.95

And Gathering Friends listened to you with their latest book – You Asked for It – which combines projects in all shapes and sizes.

Item #GF129  Retail $19.99

Order them now so they will be shipped as soon as they arrive!

Go Green with Unforgettable Totebags

Many of us want to leave a smaller carbon footprint by re-using and re-cycling.  In Eleanor Levie’s new book – Unforgettable Tote Bags – she combines 20 patterns that will be the hit of any shopping expedition!
Unforgettable TOTE BAGS

Item #EL31750  Retail $21.95

Eleanor contacted many of the top designers of our time and asked them to design a bag memorable enough that people would remember to take them to the store with them!  The results are simply amazing!

Some of these designs can be created in less than an hour by using a pre-purchased bag as a foundation.  Others start from scratch.  But, in each case, these totes showcase a style and technique that is representative of these top designers.  What better way to try their techniques in a simple, non-threatening way?

Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy combine their talents in a bag that is bright and happy.  The strip piecing features a fussy cut flower that looks like it was just picked from a garden.

Karen Eckmeier designed a bag that teaches her technique from the book Accidental Landscapes.  Virginia Avery used a paper-fold design that reminds me of Hawaiian quilting.

If you have been itching to try machine quilting, Diane Gaudynski created a bag that showcases beautiful feather quilting.  One of my favorites is “A Tisket, A Tasket”.  This bag is a basket liner for your favorite bicycle – why not go green in your mode of transportation as well!

There are also some opportunities to try fabric painting.  Green Cats Catchall by Susan Shite is outstanding – and would be right at home in any art gallery.

Why not offer a series of classes featuring these bags as an opportunity to teach a variety of these techniques.  After all, these bags are meant to be used – and don’t have to be perfect.  They are a great way to use up scraps of fabric, batting, and anything else in your sewing room!

What great gifts this Christmas – why not use these bags as your wrapping paper?  Go Green!

New Must Have Books on the Horizon

These books are so new that I don’t have much information about them yet – but if you don’t order them now, you won’t get them as soon as they arrive.  And, with the delivery dates on one of them falling right before Mother’s Day, waiting until they are released may just be too late!

Now that I have your attention…..when I saw these books I automatically thought of customers who would want them!  So pick up the phone – and be the first to tell them that their favorite authors and designers are coming out with something new!

Jennifer Chiaverini’s new book “The Aloha Quilt” is due out on April 30, 2010.  There is little information available except that on of the main characters goes to Hawaii after going through a divorce.  I even went to her blog – which doesn’t even list the book yet!  So, if you order now you will be one of the first to receive this fifteenth book in the series – and find out who it is…..


Item #3318-4  Retail $24.00

Why not schedule a “Mother’s Day” book party at your shop?  A demonstration of Hawaiian quilting would be the perfect tie in for this book.  And we just happen to have one from AQS!   This truly is an art form and a great way to showcase batiks.

AQS6407 (2)

Item #AQS6407 Retail $21.95

I have several friends who are art quilters.  They do absolutely gorgeous work – and “500 Art Quilts” would be the perfect coffee table book for their homes.  Knowing them, they are probably in it – and just too modest to tell me!

It is hard to believe that some of these beautiful works of art started out as fabrics that I have in my stash!  If I only had their talent and imagination!  Expected release date on this one is the end of March.


Item #L058-0  Retail $24.95

And, last but not least, Kaffe Fassett has a loyal following among quilters who can’t get enough of his sense of color and style.  His fabrics reflect his quilts – they are vibrant and never fail to make my heart sing!  In his latest book, he shares how he incorporates every day shapes into his quilts.  Squares, Rectangles, Diamonds, Circles, and Triangles will never be the same once you see the twist he puts on them!  This book is also due out at the end of March and includes patterns for 23 quilts.


Item #STC837-8  Retail $35.00

These books are just calling your name…….