Creative Grids Girls Program

Deb Heatherly will be offering a Take and Teach at this Market explaining her popular Grids Girl program which has two new offerings!




All About the Grids is a darling 47-inch square quilt gives you an opportunity to teach a different ruler every month – and share the additional books and patterns that support the tools!  This quilt features the Creative Grids®Cat’s Cradle; Strippy Star; Turbo 4-Patch; Ultimate Flying Geese; 6″ Log Cabin and 8″ Square on Square.
















Grid-dle Me is a 48-inch square that features the Creative Grids® Cat’s Cradle, Turbo 4-Patch, and Ultimate Flying Geese Tool featured above PLUS two sizes of the Pineapple Trim Tool and a 6″ Curvy Log Cabin. Deb has created a whole new way to use the Pineapple Tools that will have your students wanting more!














Both could be taught in a series of three or six classes or are the perfect projects for a retreat! The patterns will be arriving this month. The rulers are available now!

We’ve Got Your Angle!

Meet the newest members of the Creative Grids® angle family. We now have a sixteen inch 10-degree angle. Sew together 36 of these 10-degree triangles to create a complete circle; 18 to create a half-circle, or 9 to create a quarter-circle. Create Fans, Dresden Plates, etc. up to a finished size of 31-1/2 inches. Check out these companions by Christina Cameli. The Magic Triangle Table Topper would be a great afternoon class. She pieces the fans with the 10-degree angle and then trims them into a 50-degree shape to create this stunning hexie!









Mesmerized is stunning in these gradations!









We also have a shorter version of the popular 15 degree – this one is easier to manipulate when working on smaller projects. Erin Underwood has created some darling patterns to get you started. Check out this mini version of her popular tuffet! It can be made with either the 15 degree or 22 1/2 degree. You decide on how many petals you prefer.









This Cut Loose Press™ pattern includes a table runner AND placemats. I love the edges that are finished with rickrack – just like grandmas!









This double Dresden pillow is embellished with buttons and rickrack.  What is not to love???









Or create this spectacular version of a Mariner’s Compass by combining 15 and 22 1/2 degree angles.







Add these angles to your basic line!

Ovals ARE Easy

Add Karla Alexander’s sense of style and color sense – and classes will sell out immediately!  I am one of those people who came from an applique background so sewing curves on a machine wasn’t a part of my skill set until now!  Look how gorgeous…
























These are Cut Loose Press™ patterns that are stunning. Leaves is a perfect class. They can actually finish this in an afternoon. Then demo the Clam shell quilt and Capiz Lanterns. The lantern quilt would be a perfect Christmas quilt.

Enchanted will have everyone anticipating the holiday seasons. Trading Places and Spin Cycle actually make me think I could make art quilts – and you could too!
















You need to challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone – and I guarantee you will be successful and love every minute of it!

Mini Curvy Log Cabins Have Entered the Building

When you ask, we listen! Thousands of you have fallen in love with the six and eight-inch Creative Grids® Curvy Log Cabins that make twelve and sixteenth-inch circles. But sometimes smaller is just plain fun so welcome the four-inch Curvy Log Cabin to the family!























These smaller blocks are just as fun and easy to make as the other sizes – with even more accentuated curves. Check out the possibilities with these Cut Loose Press™ patterns.

Fried Green Tomatoes includes a table runner and a set of place mats. Yin and Yang pillows show how block placement creates a totally different look.







Little Runaway Pinwheels below really shows how this smaller size sings! Round the World Tote has an Asian influence.








Circle of Love is an unusual setting that shows this block off to its fullest!






You already know who will want this one so order them now!

It is G-Easy!

I love, love, love, this new product because it has a wealth of uses!  These stickers by Gudrun Erla of GE Designs are reusable, repositionable, and stick to rulers, mats, fabric, and sewing machines!









Each package contains one sheet of each color – turquoise, pink and lime green.  There are 64 arrow stickers per sheet – for a total of 192 stickers for just $7.95!


They are easily removable and don’t leave any residue. Mark the cutting lines on your mat for fast, accurate and consistent cutting.  And, if need be, write on them with a permanent marker or wet erase pens.


And, since this lovely lady also developed the Stripology and Stripology Squared rulers with Creative Grids®, they are the perfect companion for that tool as well.



These are the perfect register sale!  Who can resist?


Creative Grids Machine Quilting Templates – Border Curves

Creative Grids Machine Quilting Templates –Part 2 of 3 – Border Curves.

This is the second article in a series that explain how to use templates when doing long arm machine quilting.

Only the sewing foot on the right is safe to use with longarm quilting templates. Because it actually hops up/down, it is called a hopping foot.

What to look for –

As mentioned before, templates must be about ¼” thick. They must also be cut to accommodate the distortion caused by the hopping foot. Look carefully at the cut edge of the Machine Guide. Notice that the curvature at the upper and lower edges is different. The peak has a tighter arc, and the valley has a wider one. This shows how much distortion there is, caused by the hopping foot.

Border Curve Template - 2 pieces

So, if you buy a curved template that looks perfect, it won’t stitch perfectly. Creative Grids has solved that by correcting the cut edge, and providing a two piece border template, which shows the Stitch line placement.

Both parts are used together when auditioning the placement. When the alignment is good, remove the Placement Guide, leaving the Machine Guide where it is. Move the machine into position and stitch!

Other important features include a laser cut with smooth edges, like they had been buffed after they were cut. All outside corners should be rounded so they can’t puncture the fabric. The Creative Grids Gripper Strips are awesome because they prevent the template from slipping when it is being used as a machine guide.

The templates shown are the Creative Grids Sweet Set Border Curves. Although sold individually, there are 4 different repeats in a set. Included in every package is a chart that is used to choose a template repeat which will ensure accurate corners.

The chart suggests which repeat size to use, based on the border measurements of the quilt.

The instructions are easy:

  1. Mark (the miter lines and border center lines) and Measure (the center line, miter to miter across the top and down the side).
  2. Look up the measurements, noting which repeats have check-marks. The check-mark means that template will result in perfect corners.
  3. Choose a template size that works with both measurements.
  4. Stitch the border curve design. When done, add free motion designs that complement the quilt top and/or fabrics.

For more detailed instructions, go to my website and download the chart and the instructions.

Here are examples of what you can do with the Creative Grids Sweet Set Border Curves.

More Examples:

Another articles about Creative Grids Sweet Set Concentric Shapes will follow.

Always “checking” for a better way to quilt! Sewlong,

Pat Barry

ã2011 By Design Quilting, LLC.  This copyright entitles you to reprint this article. All other rights reserved.

PBQ Tips – Fabric Panels for longarm quilting classes

Wow, what a spring !  In the past couple months I have attended several major longarm quilting shows, and either taught or had a booth at each one. I tried something new in my hands-on quilting machine templates classes, and it was a real hit . . .  preprinted quilt panels from RGA Designs.

 These are not the typical preprinted panels – these have been designed as a teaching tool, and they are great. There are several choices available, but my preference was the colored panel from the Design Builder instruction set. It has 6 different quilt blocks, plus sashings and borders. These are sold by the bolt.

My classes are customized to teach people how to use the Sweet Set Quilting Machine Templates from Creative Grids. The beginner class starts with the Straight Stitcher rulers for outlining and stitch-in-the-ditch (SID). Then the concentric shapes are used to custom quilt the blocks. The Border Curve templates are used to create a structure in the border that is enhanced by adding some free motion quilting. The quilting design choice for the borders and sashings will vary depending on the quilter’s skill level.

Creative Grids Class Templates

Participants can take the panel home and make a tote out of it. The FREE pattern for the tote is on Renae’s website (

The panels are great for teachers looking to design their own classes or the teacher can use the instructions from the Design Builder kit  which includes the fabric panel, an instruction book and a DVD.

Design Builder Kit

Renae Allen (RGA Designs) also has other Skill Builder instruction books that focus on machine quilting with a domestic sewing machine (DSM) or a sit-down quilting system.

So, consider updating your classes and include these panels and/or instructional materials. It is a great way to help your customers enhance their skills and also have a quilted piece to make a cute tote!

Always “checking” for a better way to quilt!


Pat Barry


Curved Slotted Ruler by Karla Alexander

At Quilt Market we introduced 4 new Creative Grids rulers by Karla Alexander. Here is a short video to show how you can get great difficult looking designs with her slotted ruler.

Creative Grids Curved Slotted 11in x 15in Ruler



And Karla has designed patterns using this ruler

Run for Color


Retail $9.00



Retail $9.00

The rulers and patterns are expected in first part of June, but order now…they were a hit at Market

Creative Grids Throws a Curve – Part 3

If one curve is great, more is simply spectacular!  Look what happens when you cut rectangles into a series of  curves and sew them back together to form a square.  It works – promise – and I still can’t believe how easy it is!

Item #CGRKA4  Retail $33.75

It is hard to see in any picture, but there are curved grooves cut through this rectangle at six different points.  If you cut through them all – and piece it back together, you will get a funky square that can be squared up with the Creative Grids Square it Up and Fussy Cut Ruler.  I can’t wait to see what happens if I only cut two or three of the curves.  Possibilities…..

By setting the blocks alternately – horizontally and vertically – the strips look like woven ribbon – wow!

Item #SSQ402  Retail $9.00

But, if you place them ALL vertically, and play with the colors, the results are striking!  I can’t wait to see these quilts in person.

Item #SSQ403  Retail $9.00
Run for Color

Sashing the blocks – and cutting them on an angle creates blocks that look like ancient hieroglyphics!  This quilt is so dramatic, I had to go to spell check!  Windfall shows the potential of one ruler to create limitless options.

Item #SSQ407  Retail $9.00
Wind Fall

Karla will be demonstrating this ruler in the Checker Booth at Quilt Market all three days.  She will also be explaining all about them at a school house in room 204AB from 4:15 – 4:45.  But before she takes center stage, she will be sharing her quilts with all of the Creative Grids designers in the same room from 3:40 – 4:10.

If you are not attending Market, I get to demo them at the After Market show at Checker AND the After Market New England show.  Check our website for details!

Sew Perfect Points and Curves by Eliminating them through Penny Haren’s Pieced Applique

In this case, I am very familiar with the techniques in this book – because I wrote it – nothing like going to the source!  Learn to create perfect blocks by combining piecing with layered appliqués that make it possible to sew perfect points and curves – by eliminating them!  Don’t let the “A” word intimidate you!  In this freezer paper method, straight sides and gentle curves can be turned by even a beginner after a five minute demonstration! 

Item #L11222
Retail $27.95

No longer avoid blocks that have inset points such as five and eight-pointed stars.  Indiana Puzzle (a form of Drunkard’s Path) and True Lover’s Knot will be a piece of cake – or actually a “piece of four-patch”!   Learn how even a simple four-patch can be pieced – and then appliquéd – to create stunning results!  Just wait until you see what happens to a nine-patch…. a half-square triangle…a pinwheel…the possibilities are truly endless!

And, don’t think that appliqué means handwork.  Many of my students chose to appliqué these pieces by machine using a tiny zigzag stitch and invisible thread.  When we were getting out our magnifying glasses to see the stitches, I knew they were hooked.  Most of these blocks can be appliquéd by machine in less than ten minutes!

The Creative Grid “Square It Up and Fussy Cut Ruler” was designed for this quilt.  It is printed with solid squares every inch and drilled holes at 1/2? increments. 

The horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines make it quick and simple to square up any block.  You never have to look for the center of the ruler – and the seam allowance is clearly marked around the entire perimeter of the ruler so you don’t accidentally trim off points!  

These 24 blocks include “fudge factors” – tricks that make it possible for even a true beginner to create heirloom quality quilts with no frustration!  Every block is set with a sashing that is larger than needed.  After sewing, the blocks are then trimmed down to size.

In most cases, triangles and squares are appliquéd on the foundation blocks to create intricate designs.  When these appliqués are fussy cut, you can achieve spectacular results. 

Center a fabric design within a square, mark the fabric through the holes at the 1/2? increments to add the seam allowance, and cut.  The design will be centered perfectly when incorporated into your quilt!  You will be shocked at the results – and the possibilities are endless.  Wait until you see what happens when you start playing with stripes and plaids!  Look at the fussy cutting in this quilt – even the borders are fussy cut!

Close ups of each block are shown in three different color ways: a traditional Civil War reproduction line by Wyndham; LaBelle Rose by Lakehouse in yellows, pinks and blacks; and Full Sun by Maywood in deep, rich country colors.  Many times, you won’t recognize them as the same block.   

Once you start creating blocks using these techniques, you will never quilt the same way again!  In fact, my friends at Landauer are already working on books two and three!  A book with instructions for twenty-four more blocks will be out this fall, and book three will follow as fast as I can sew!  They are already designed – in fact, there is a picture of all 72 blocks in the first book so you can see the versatility of these techniques!  Make a block in a half-hour or less – you won’t believe how easy it is! 

I will be signing books and demonstrating these techniques at the Checker booth and the Landauer booth at Quilt Market.  Attend one of my schoolhouse sessions or stop by and visit.  I would love to see you.