The Girls’ Getaway Finale

I love these mystery embroidery patterns by Crabapple Hill.  For those of you who have participated in this journey, the end is finally here for the Girls’ Getaway…






















Or order the complete set – due to arrive for Chistmas:






Inventory is due to arrive by the end of the month!

The Salem Witches Quilt Finale has Arrived

Many of you – including me – love everything designed by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Designs and have already started the Salem Witches Quilt Guild panel series.

Drumroll please…….the final pattern in the series which explains how to put it all together will be arriving this month!  This pattern includes the instructions for the blocks used in the sashings and borders used to complete the quilt top. 

CAH348   CAH345

CAH346 (1)    CAH347

And, to celebrate this release, the Witches decided to end the meeting with show and tell.  This pattern is a stand alone which can be made to coordinate with this quilt.


When the first three patterns ARE all in the top 20, you know these are going to be in high demand.  And after those who didn’t commit in the beginning see this, they will want them ALL so order accordingly!

Summertime and the embroidery is easy….

Just in time for summer, Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill has designed some new patterns that bring back memories of childhood summers.

Remember those trips to the A & W root beer stand – and getting gallon jugs of your favorite brew? What child didn’t have a lemonade stand – or loved homemade lemonade at the fair? Or the adult drink by the pool???

CAH292   CAH290   CAH291
Item #CAH292, #CAH290, #CAH291 Each Retail for $10.00



For those who love ALL things embroidery, Boho Sweet is just for you.  The designs in this wall hanging were taken directly from her newest fabric line – Sundress by Red Rooster.  Either trace the designs from the pattern or cut them from the fabric and embellish to your heart’s content! Item #CAH288  Retail $12.00




This new fabric line is just plain happy! This design is featured in the pattern above.25832-LTORG1 25830-YEL1
Item #25832-LTORG1                                 Item #25830-YEL1

To see the complete line, visit out website:  Sundress – these fabrics will make you smile!

Take the Coloring Craze to a Whole New Audience

I love everything designed by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill.  Her latest – Mystery of the Salem Witches’Quilt Guild will be released in four parts the next several months.

Item #CAH345  Retail $10.00

This panel measures 15″ x 42″ and uses her technique for coloring with embroidery.  This is the perfect next step for those new customers who have embraced the adult coloring craze!

The mystery includes three embroidered panel patterns and one that includes the piecing instructions to complete the quilt.  The final quilt measures 57″ x 72″.

The second panel will be available soon.

Item #CAH346  Retail $10.00

Visit our website to see the entire line of Cosmos floss that Meg recommends.  They are listed as companions for each panel.  Why not join the Witches Quilt Guild meeting and get to know the entire cast of characters.

Support Your Favorite Designers in their Fight for the Cure

Meg Hawkey is one of those rare people who infuses love and joy into everything she touches.  At Quilt Market last year, she had an idea for a raffle quilt made up of blocks designed by many of the top women in our industry.  This quilt would be donated to the Susan G. Komen Quilt for the Cure.  Visit their website to view pictures of all of the blocks.

The Story – as told on their website

What started as a great idea in the Spring of 2008, took on a life of its own over the course of the next year.  Meg Hawkey from Crabapple Hill Studio wanted to make a quilt that would be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The intent was the quilt would be raffled in order to raise funds to help find a cure for breast cancer.  While at Spring Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon last year she mentioned the idea to a couple of fabric vendors. Their eager outpouring of kindness and willingness to contribute was overwhelming.  Crabapple Hill started receiving boxes of pink fabrics from many leading fabric manufacturers as well as batting and pink pens for the signature blocks.  The ball was rolling!

Meg’s Block

This outpouring of support, in turn, led to the idea of getting other leading designers involved.  Meg and her team started asking designers to get involved, and they were astounded with the resounding show of support.  Not only did they agree to make a block, but they volunteered to lend their names and reputations for this very worth cause.  Each designer was asked to use the donated fabrics, but to make their blocks in a way that reflected that designers own personal style.  The quilt took on an international flair when designers from Australia expressed an interest to participate. They titled the quilt “Forget-Me-Not” in rememberance of those whom we’ve lost to breast cancer and who are struggling now. 

Nancy Halvorsen’s Block

All the women who donated gave from their hearts.  Not only is the front of the quilt beautiful, but the back of the quilt features signature blocks from each designer placed to coincide with their block on the front of the quilt.  Debbie Trevino of Village Quiltworks generously donated her maching quilting ability.  And finally, to finish off the quilt, the team at Crababpple Hill added a feminine pleated border/binding combination.  It is a breath-taking, one-of-a-kind quilt!  Don’t miss out on your chance of taking it home!

Barri Sue Gaudet’s Block

A special THANK YOU to Meg Hawkey and Cyndy Petterson from Crabapple Hill Studio for their amazing dedication to this project and to the fight against breast cancer!!!

Becky Goldsmith’s Block

Where the Quilt is Traveling:
Pittsburg (May 15-17)
Long Beach (July 24-26)
Houston (October 10-12, 15-18)

Me again!  Visit the website and buy a raffle ticket!  This quilt should b a VISA commercial because it truly is priceless!  You can view all of the blocks on their website including ones by Alex Anderson, Alma Allen, Annie Downs, Eleanor Burns, Amy Butler, Teri Christopherson, Virginia Cole, Kim Diehl, Joanna Figueroa, Barbara Graves, Bronwyn Hayes, Robin Kingsley, Verna Mosquera, Brenda Riddle, Brenda Ryan, Denise Sheehan, Anne Sutton, Mary Jacobson, Linda Jenkins, and Marie Osmond.  Autograph blocks are incorporated on the back so it truly is an heirloom!

This is just one of those feel good stories that makes you proud to be a quilter – so take the time to honor their efforts by supporting them now!!!!!  Whether your name is drawn or not – you will already be a winner!

Judie Rothermel and Crabapple Hill Combine for the Perfect Fall Display

Fall is just around the corner – and it is time for you to set up those seasonal displays!  For those of you who procrastinated, Crab Apple Hill had the most beautiful booth at Spring Market.  (Meg assumes that we are always working a few seasons ahead so our projects are done in time for each holiday – oh, if I lived in that perfect world!)

Over the River and through the Woods   Hocuspocusville
Item #CAH316 Retail $9.00                     Item #CAH313 Retail $25.00 

For those of you who prefer to enjoy the seasons as they evolve – and are always working on a project the EVE of that holiday – we have just the ticket! After all, I prefer to think that that unfinished project in my basket is just a part of the decorations.  The colors even coordinate! 

Meg created a whole new line of fall patterns – to add to the favorites we’ve enjoyed in the past.  Just set up a display of these patterns, pull some black and cream fabrics from your shelves, add some pearl cottons – and you are ready for fall!

But, if you don’t have fabrics in these colorways – Judie Rothermel has come to your rescue.  She has a new line of reproduction fabrics called “Ink Well” that are perfect for these projects!  In fact, great minds think alike!  Marcus Brothers sent this line to Meg and she is considering using it for her new Fall patterns – that will be released at Spring Market! 

If you buy this line NOW, it should arrive by the end of September-beginning of October – just in time for this season – and you’ll actually be prepared for next!

Check out this slide show to see ALL of the patterns and fabrics – Instant fall!!!!