Guaranteed Sales – Part Three

Let’s face it!  You already know who will want this newest book by Blackbird Designs.  This applique quilt looks like it came right off of a bed in a prestigious museum.  These large blocks are actually easier than they look!

bd285 bd285_1









Jaybird Quilts new Cookie Cutter pattern features her Super Sidekick ruler.   What a fun and happy quilt!










Susie C. Shore has a new cat design that is sure to please all of those cat lovers as well as a darling Christmas table runner.

st-1704 st-1719









All of these projects are created by proven designers who have produced top sellers over and over again – which makes all of them no-brainers.  And, once again, they will be available this month!


Poe Would Be Proud

I love everything by Blackbird Designs and their whimsical take on the harvest season is no exception.  This nine block applique quilt would be a great block of the month – or two blocks a month if your customers want to have it done by Fall.

 BD279_1 (1)

Applique is the perfect portable summer project.  Why not display the book with appropriate fabrics – and don’t forget the embroidery threads.  Make a statement by letting your customers know that you are a one stop shop!


Quilt Market in Pictures Part One

The Fab Shop dinner is always the night before school houses and once again Checker provided door prizes.  The lucky winners are…..drum roll please…..

$300 Credit Memo – Merilyn Ludwig – The Yardstick – Cobleskill, New York

$400 Credit Memo – Jill Baxter – Minding My P’s & Q’s Quilt Shop – Cross Roads, Texas

$800 Credit Memo – Karen Dost – Material Girl Quilt Shop – Reedville, Virginia

Congratulations ladies!

Carolyn Griffin had a chance to walk the show and took some wonderful pictures that she was kind enough to share with me.  Enough talk – this is all about eye candy!

Aardvark Quilts

Abbey Lane

Absolutely Positively

All Through the Night

Amber Fenton Designs

Anything But Boring

Bear Paw Productions

Betz White

Blackbird Designs

Calico Carriage

Cozy Quilt Designs

Creative Solutions

Easy Peasy

Favorite Things

Many of the new items are already in our system.  We added over 5,000 items last month so we are working as fast as we can!  And, the new items are arriving every day.  Check back often!

My Heart belongs in February!

If you didn’t own a shop, and I was in the same room with you, you would probably smack me about now – but we all know that Christmas sales are winding down.  It is time to organize the new displays so when your customers have a chance to catch their breaths, they will be inspired….


Most of you already have snowmen patterns, books – and the samples that support them.  Now is the time to put them front and center – instead of the backdrop for Christmas.

Take a walk around your store and pull all of the blue and white fabrics, samples, and patterns for your center display.  If you don’t move them now, your customers will think they are part of the Christmas fabrics that will be a part of the clearance rack at the end of the year.  Re-order the patterns or your samples – and include some new ones.

Valentine’s Day

Pull your red and white fabrics – and any book or pattern with hearts – for a Valentine’s display.  Many of the Christmas reds are complimentary prints that work for any season.  Here are a few of my favorites….

Blackbird Designs

These sweet little appliques  have a folk art feel that is simply charming – and can be made in an afternoon.  This is a perfect project for a secret sis program…

Item #BBD426  Retail $9.00


This little candle mat is one of a series.  Why not feature a different one each month at the register.  Have a needle and floss available so you can show them how easy it is to do the buttonhole stitch.

Item #BR131  Retail $5.50

Buggy Barn

Buggy Barn has several projects that would be perfect class opportunities.  This is my favorite…

Item #BUG202  Retail $9.00


This simple pattern for a Coffee Cozy is a great little thoughtful addition to a teacher’s card or Secret Pal.  They won’t be able to stop at one.  Why not buy a friend a coffee or gift certificate – and include this?

Item #LS501  Retail $3.00

Shabby Fabrics

This simple table runner uses a variety of red scraps so it is a perfect project for kits.

Item #SF48524  Retail $9.50

St. Patrick’s Day

It may be a little early to set up a display, but it is NOT to early to pull any greens from the Christmas lines that are appropriate for the next holiday on your list!  By the time you make samples and cut kits, it will be time to set up the display!  As a shop owner, you always have to think two holidays ahead of your customers!  Happy Holidays!!!

New Books Hitting the Top Twenty

Many of your favorite authors wrote books for this Market and we now have them in stock.  Order them early – and you may still have time to get them in before Christmas!

Let’s face it, our customers may be right on top of the holidays, but their families are not!  Many of them wait until the absolute last minute to shop, so if you get in some new titles, there is no question if they already have them!

I love the muted quilts so popular in Japan.  Pat Wys features quilts that have this same colorway in her new book – Spotlight on Neutrals.  Why not display the book with some fat quarters of coordinating neutrals?  You probably already have them cut!

Item #B1096T  Retail $24.99

For those customers who love Civil War reproduction fabrics – and miniatures, Jo Morton has combined 25 of her applique blocks in Prairie Flowers Encore.  Now all of their favorites are combined in one place.  Again, a fat quarter packet of these fabrics would be a wonderful companion.

Item #PHBK21  Retail $25.00

Darlene Zimmerman’s “Fresh from the Clothesline” will be a favorite for those customers who love depression era fabrics.  This book features 22 large and small projects that are nostalgic – but many are also featured in other fabrics.  A collection of 30′ and 40’s fabrics is the perfect accent.

Item #W0937  Retail $24.99

For those customers who love ALL needlework – rug hooking, cross stitching AND quilting, Blackbird Designs has a new book – Weekend.  This book offers a great selection of smaller projects that are actually doable!  Those customers who love handwork, will love this book.

Item #BD198  Retail $27.00

I specifically chose this assortment of books so it would appeal to all of your customers.  A display is sure to peak the interests of everyone!

Stitch and Sew with Blackbird Designs

I am a little prejudice – I have never seen a book, pattern, or project by Barb Adams and Alma Allen that I didn’t love!  So when their booth won a blue ribbon at Market, I was thrilled.  These ladies always have a sense of style that evolves and changes – but is always recognizable as Blackbird Designs. And, there booth was no exception!  The walls were covered with pages from old books.  The pages had that old patina that we all love – and were the perfect backdrop for their quilts!

My pictures of their booth were blurry so I visited their website: I’m sure they would love for you to visit….

Notice the two quilts on the wall.  They are made from the same block pattern – but have different border treatments and different color ways. Both are spectacular and are made with large, easy to applique shapes that anyone can make!

These quilts are featured in their new book – Garden Club.

Item #BD174  Retail $27.00

Their books always have a variety of projects however – and this one is no exception.  These projects are not just page fillers – in some cases they are the reason I buy the book – and I love that!  Barb and Alma provide the complete package.  Autumn – the quilt pictured below – combines piecing and applique.

This roll is the perfect gift for your needlework friends – who could resist!

But, many of you are more familiar with Blackbird Designs because of their needlework designs.  Their new book of samplers is a must have for all of you who love embroidery.  One of these days I want a whole wall featuring their samplers – but it has to start with one….

Item #BD173  Retail $25.00

Why not start a handwork project for the holidays?  Sit in front of the fire, turn on the tree, and nestle in at Honeysuckle Manor!