Learn to Quilt – the Perfect Gift

Tis the season when you have an opportunity to introduce new customers to quilting.  Be prepared!  When family members walk in and want to buy something because a relative wants to learn how to quilt, have a display ready.  Don’t forget to include information on beginning quilting classes that will be starting after the first of the year – and gift certificates to classes as well.

Here are a few suggestions which you probably already have in stock!  It is all in the presentation…

There are several beginning quilting books on the market.  This is my favorite because it not only teaches the basics of quilting, it also explains the terminology!  Jeri includes the  “language” of quilting that experienced quilters take for granted such as fat quarters.  Now that is a TRUE beginners guide!


Item #L113350  Retail $24.95

For those who are inspired to learn to quilt by watching Alex Anderson on T.V., her book is always a top seller.


Item #10708  Retail $14.95

We all know that the tools make a difference.  Why not start with the best?  The #1 selling Creative Grids ruler of all time is the 6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″ ruler.  It spans the width of a rotary mat and is the width of the most common border width – a must have for all quilters.  This should be in every quilter’s sewing room.


Item CGR24  Retail $24.00

Or, why not choose the Stripology ruler?  It is the perfect choice for beginners or those who are afraid of a traditional cutter or may have carpal tunnel issues.  Why not teach them how to cut their rotary cutting time by 75% right from the beginning????


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

The 18″ x 24″ Olfa cutting mat is the most popular size.


Item #RM-SG  Retail $32.99

This quick change rotary cutter is the best selling rotary cutter…


Item #RTY2C  Retail $17.99

Display these items – or your personal preferences – in one place and let your staff know to recommend these products when the questions arise.  Have newsletters right there so the newbies know how to contact you!  Remind your customers that these are the perfect gifts for THEIR friends.  Why not offer a free class to everyone who brings a new quilter to a class?

The Open House – School Houses and Checker You

This year, we offered six school houses over two days so more shop owners would have an opportunity to participate – and did they ever!  The week before, Rob had to redesign the room to hold 30 more people!  That is a great problem to have!!!

Five of these school houses were filmed so they are/will be available on CheckerYOU.   If you are a Checker customer, you have access to CheckerYOU!

To access this information, go to the home page:  http://www.checkerdist.com/index.cfm, and click on the CheckerYOU icon.  Use the same number and password that you use to order from our website.

The Checker technology videos and Alex Anderson were posted this week.  Sue Hausmann, Judy Niemeyer and Karen Montgomery will be up this week.  They have even edited the Checker technology video so it is broken down into manageable bites.  We aim to please!

The festivities began with a welcome from the man who has 360 degree vision and sees the importance of technology – Rob Krieger.

He MAY have been slightly influenced by Gina Krieger, the brains behind our website.  She heads the IT department and is constantly inventing new ways to make your life easier!

Checker also prides itself on bringing quality products to independent businesses that are not available in the chains.  Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs launched her new line of interfacings called Sew Lazy which will be distributed exclusively through Checker.  These short bolts make them affordable – and take the confusion out of it for you and your customers.

Karen Montgomery’s talks are always a big draw.  She always shares lots of useful information that you can incorporate into your shop immediately!  I don’t know if she intentionally color coordinated her outfit to match the decor – but I wouldn’t put it past her.  Karen always thinks of everything!!!

Todd Gibson shared how to write a business plan for your business – and take control of your future….

Judy Niemeyer launched her new Creative Grids ruler that makes cutting her Double Wedding Ring quilts a breeze!

She shared how you could become certified shops,

and her new patterns based on a log cabin foundation – I see a new ruler in her future!!!  What a talented lady!

Sue Hausmann was the talk of the show.  We asked her to teach YOU how to sell products like she does when you bring her in for an event.  She sold everything in site! The Swirly Girls had a booth next to her for two days and said they bought two of everything so it became a very expensive trip!!!  And, guess what – she is coming back next year!!!

Alex gave us an up close and personal look at how she became a T.V. – and now cable personality…

We love it when we draw a crowd – and are already talking about what we can do to top this!!!

If there is something you would us to cover, please let us know.  We listen!!!

Alex Anderson Takes Center Stage

Many of us fell in love with quilting because we watched Alex Anderson on T.V.  I belonged to a generation that was surrounded by quilts – but didn’t consider making them until I was exposed to the step by step examples on her show!  Once the entire process was broken down into do-able segments, I was hooked!  Alex is sharing her life story in her school house – “How the Heck did I get on T.V.?”

She will also be sharing tips from her books – and signing them – both days.  Come and visit with one of the legends in the industry and see what her plans are for the future!

Many of you use her books as the Bible for classes in your shop.  Why not have her sign them so the students who sign up for Fall classes get signed copies???

Item #10708  Retail $14.95

Item #10673  Retail $19.95

Item #10768  Retail $14.95

Item #10486  Retail $17.95

Alex has also joined forces with Accuquilt to create die cuts…

Quarter-Square Triangles:

Item #ACQ55047  Retail $59.99


Item #ACQ55048  Retail $69.99

Grapes of Wrath:

Item #ACQ55070  Retail $34.99


Item #ACQ55071  Retail $34.99

Why not start a Wall of Fame at your shop and have your picture taken?  Let your customers know that you have learned from the best!  See you August 19 & 20.

Why Wait Until Market? Open House Part One

Join us August 19 and 20 for our annual Open House.  It is bigger and better than ever!!!  It was so big, we couldn’t pack it into one day so it has become a two day event…two days of school houses, two days of vendors, and two days of shopping!

This event has become so big, many of the designers are releasing new books, patterns, and notions at the Open House instead of waiting for Quilt Market.  Be the first to see new products from the likes of Judy Niemeyer, Kathy Brown,  Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs and Buttermilk Basin…

Alex Anderson

Alex is presenting a school house entitled “How the Heck Did I End Up on TV?” Sunday at 2:30 and will be signing books in her booth the rest of the event.

Item #10768  Retail $14.95

Brenda Miller from Among Brenda’s Quilts will be demonstrating and sharing her best selling patterns.

Item #ABQ145    Retail $9.99

Janice Pope of Anything but Boring will be sharing how to teach the bag that has paid the rent for many shops this last year – as well as her new Binding Tool by Creative Grids.

Item #ABB07084  Retail $12.00

The folks from Clover will be demonstrating new notions.  Learn how to make a Clam Shell.  The samples are so creative you won’t be able to stop at just one…

Item #8412CV  Retail $6.95

Kathy Brown couldn’t make it to Spring Market, so she is releasing her new pattern line here!  Be the first to see them and have her sign her books.  This lady has two in the top 20!

Item #B1097T  Retail $24.99

Kathy Seal is sharing her new Basic Quilts line and will explain how these can be the basis for a great demo schedule.

Item #BQOS  Retail $5.99

The Swirly Girls Design will be demonstrating the new Creative Grids Circle Savvy ruler as well as their new button line with Dill.

Item #CGRSAV1  Retaill $34.45

The folks from Shannon Fabrics will be taking orders on their latest releases such as these snuggle kits…

Item #CQ6072-BRNAN  Check Store for Pricing

Contact Janis Plomaritis at jplomaritis@www.checkernewsletter.comcheckerdist.com or call her at 419-893-3636  ext. 624 to register.

Quilts of Valor and PBS join Forces

Quilts of Valor is one of those programs that make every quilter proud to use that title!  I don’t know of any quilter who has not participated in this program in some way:  making quilts; donating fabric; cutting kits; and machine quilting tops.  You have to love a program that brings quilters together from all over the country for a common cause.

Marianne sent the following note – and asked us to spread the news:

“Quilts of Valor,” a 73-minute documentary starring national quilters Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson, and Mark Lipinski and hosted by Marianne Fons, has just been made available to all public television stations nationwide by its producer, Iowa Public Television. To make sure this unique and compelling program is aired on your local station, contact your station’s programming department and ask it to schedule the show.
For help in finding your local station, go to http://www.pbs.org. Contact your station via email, phone message, or personal note to let them know you want to watch “Quilts of Valor.”
Click on this link if you’d like to watch the opening section of the show!
To date, this program has donated over 65,000 quilts!

If you would like inspiration, check out this book that contains 30 projects – the Best of Fons & Porter magazine…

Item #LA5601  Retail $24.95

To learn more about the program, visit : http://qovf.org/

Alex Anderson produces an Heirloom Quality Notion

Alex Anderson’s 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool will begin to be shipped to stores the middle of August so place your orders now.  This notion is carved from maple and  includes a seam ripper, a stiletto, a presser and a turner.    This is an heirloom quality notion that every quilter will love – and the perfect gift.

Item #20109T Retail $19.95
It includes a seam ripper, a stiletto, a presser, and a turner.  The seam ripper is made by Bernina and is super-sharp to make short work of those unpleasant jobs!  The stiletto protects your fingers while sewing and pressing.  The Flat-ended presser cap is great for finger pressing and folding – paper-piecers will love it!  And the rounded tip on the opposite end  makes quick work of turning bias tubes, dolls and teddy bears.

It is designed to lay flat on your work surface and will not roll off of the counter or table at any time.  Alex has thought of everything!  This notion should be in every quilter’s stocking this season!