The Finger Thing

The Finger Thing is a metal tool that can be molded to fit the finger of your choice.  The rounded point works like an awl when sewing on a machine.  Easily control the direction of the seams and protect your fingertips at the same time.  Since you don’t have to hold it, your other fingers and thumb can still be used to guide the fabric!

Item #SFP1  Retail $9.95

I love to use this tool when pressing.  When pressing seams open, the rounded tip easily holds the fabric in place and protects your fingers from the heat of the iron AND the heat of the ironing surface.

A woman at Market said she uses it as a hand quilting tool as well.  I’m sure your customers will find other uses for it.  When a creative tool gets in the hands of creative people, who knows what will happen!

These will be arriving soon, so order now to guarantee delivery by your summer events.

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