Spring Market in Pictures – The Booths

At Market, the booth displays inspire us!  We look at the vignettes the designers create to display their wares and picture them in our home or store!  The next time you need a burst of creativity, check out some of my favorites….

Nancy Halvorsen’s booth should have been titled Christmas in May.  She continues to re-invent herself with every book and fabric line – and always comes out with something that we must have….In this case, check out the fireplace screen!!!  How cute is that!  You may want a fake fireplace as a back drop in your store…

Check out the pillows – what great gifts….

Terry Atkinson displays some of her new pillows on an Adirondack chair.  I checked – it’s plastic, and readily available for next to nothing to everyone!  What a great display element in your store!!!  Bring on summer…..

Toni Whitney combined similar quilts in a grouping that made me want them all!  Look how grouping similar products together attracts your attention – and then makes you appreciate each one individually!

Ellen Medlock always has a fantastic booth so we asked her to share her secrets in a school house!  She uses flea market finds for displays and goes through cans of Krylon spray paint!  Checker is the exclusive distributor of her fabric line.  Look what happens when you set up a display that features the same colors and style!  What an impact it makes!

Curby’s Closet featured little outfits on padded hangers with her signature baby shoes underneath.  She also displayed a step-by-step story board with the samples so you could see at a glance how easy it is!  Look how some soft lighting can bring attention to special items…

Draw attention to patterns and samples by blowing up the covers.  Look what an impact Favorite Things made with their display.  If you regularly carry clothing patterns and sew samples, invest in stands to display them.  Look ow professional this looks.  The little vanity is adorable as well.

The Auntie’s Two made me want to come straight home and pack for the beach!  Don’t you want your customers to feel like they have shared an experience with you???  If you love something – commit!!!  Many times, as shop owners, we dabble – we buy a little to test the waters.  Listen to your gut!  If you love something, make an impact.

Change your displays based on the seasons.  Look how happy these pictures are – spring colors; cheerful prints; just in time for Spring and Summer…..If you have dark fabrics in your displays, move them!  Everyone is tired of winter – and in our area – rain – so make your customers smile with dreams of what is just around the corner – warm breezes and sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Spring Market in Pictures – The Booths

  1. Where did they get the horse prints used in the decor? do you have them at Checker?

  2. Those are prints by Toni Whitney Designs. All of her patterns are available through Checker.

  3. I love your turtle pattern. I want to make a quilt for my adult son. Do you have any other sea creatures that would go with it to create a pattern for a quilt. He loves the ocean. Thank you. Lillian

  4. You can search our website for a pattern with sea creatures. http://www.checkerdist.com Select the category PATTERNS, then search within by turles, fish, ocean or other words that describe what you are looking for. We have a ‘Shop Local’ feature to find a shop nearby that has or can order the pattern for you.

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