Oldies but Goodies, Books that have Stood the Test of Time

Doug Hand, one of our most experienced sales reps, compiled a list of the classics!  To make his list, the book had to be in print for at least 10 years.  Some have been around for 20!  And, they are all still best sellers.  It is like looking at a list of Oscar winners – you can’t put it down until you see how many you’ve read.

The authors

There is a reason that some of these women have become household names.  Out of 140 books, for instance, Eleanor Burns is responsible for 30 of them – some dating back to 1988!  Can you imagine??  No wonder she is a role model for so many of us!

It reads like a who’s who of quilting – Nancy Halvorsen, Elly Sienkiewicz, Kaye England, Kaye Wood, Karen K. Stone, Marti Michell, Judy Martin, Debbie Caffrey, Marsha McClosky, Milligan & Smith, Judith Montano – the list goes on and on.  And in many cases you may be familiar with their new books – but this will give you a chance to visit their “roots”!

It’s like loving a new book – and finding out that there is a whole library full of others by that same author!  Go to the Checker website (checkerdist.com) and search by name – you’ll be surprised that many of your favorites also design patterns and gifts.  

The Techniques

These books run the gamut!  There are classic books of quilt blocks; compilations of pieced quilts; and books that specialize in teaching techniques – machine quilting, fabric folding, redwork, applique, crazy quilting, etc. 

Join us on a walk down memory lane.  How many of them make your own personal list of favorites?  Click on any of the Greatest Book Groups below to view them.




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