Looking at Market for Display Ideas for Quilts

I walked the floor at Market this year with one thing in mind – display opportunities.  How many times as a quilt shop have you spent hours making a sample – and spent hundreds of dollars on the materials and quilting – and then spent 10 minutes or less standing on a table to pin it to a wall???  After that much time and effort, why not get as much bang for your buck as possible?  But first, consider why you made the quilt – and what you are going to do with it.

If it is a quilt that you are using for a demonstration or a class, you may display it in the classroom so you can refer to it as needed.  But, if your classroom isn’t visual from the store, then all of that effort is for naught!  In this case, a more portable display may be beneficial.  Consider pulling the corner of a quilt through a ring (I use six inch embroidery hoops).  The ring can be hung from a hook – and showcases the quilt on point.  Then, you can take the quilt with you – for lectures; classes; demonstrations; etc. – with minimum effort!

In this case, this yo-yo quilt that is in Simple Graces takes up minimal wall space hung on a hook.  A copy of the book is copied and pinned to it.  Very effective!

In the case of these Endangered Species Patterns by Rob Appell, let the quilts speak for themselves.  They truly are works of art, so why not display them as such?  Consider adding some decorative lighting to enhance it.  These lights are inexpensive – and with printing options available – adding a sign makes a huge impact.

Sometimes, simply surprise your customers!  A black and white zebra is beautiful – but expected.  Put a flower in his mouth and changed the white stripes to pink – and you have everyone’s attention!  If this doesn’t have your customers re-evaluating their color choices, nothing will!  Wow them with the unexpected….

Set up a little display table next to a focus quilt.  Use it to display the pattern, information on the fabric line, small projects that coordinate with the quilt, etc.  First and foremost, LABEL the quilt – so they can see from a distance what all of the fuss is about.  Draw them in…..and the side lamp adds additional subtle lighting.

This quilt is beautiful – but the magazine racks are the icing on the cake….Consider displaying quilting books on them.

Treat your quilts like the treasures they are – and give them the space and lighting they deserve!

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