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I was teaching a class yesterday, when one of my students announced that she had just bought a quilting machine.  After all of the congratulations, several others announced that this was their next goal.  They all already had high end sewing machines, embroidery machines – and one even had a needle felting machine!  These are the 10% of our customers that buy 90% of our products.

Can you afford NOT to supply the products they need to support these machines – and learn everything you can about this market?  It is easier than you think!

We had Pat Barry, our resident expert, put together a catalog that includes the supplies that these customers need.  Many of them are cross-over items that you already have!    With just a little rearranging, you can set up a display so these customers know you are serious – and will support them.

Machine Templates

Display Rack Item #MQD4RACKBLK
$150.00 Cost

Checker has put together a display rack – like the Creative Grids rack – that holds everything you need, and then some!  It has plenty of room for all of these supplies.  The rack includes four 2 ft. x 6 ft. grids with top and bottom braces; a four-sided machine quilting sign for the top; 6 small category signs; a Creative Grids sign; and 150 grid hooks.


Call your sales rep to get a list of our machine quilting products.  Pick and choose what you need to start your display today!  These customers need your support – and most of these products are not carried by the vendors OR the chains!

But to educate you and your customers, have the books on hand that they will need to learn how to use the machine.

Books (1)

As shop owners, you always have to be one step ahead of your customers on the learning curve!  Ask your sales rep for a machine quilting catalog as well.  Then, when your customers ask for something, you will have the information at your fingertips.

Remember, we are learning right along with you.  If you hear of a product that we need to add, pass along the contact information and Pat will check into it.  We want to be your one stop machine quilting shop!  Education is the key.

Can you really afford to ignore this segment of the market?

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  1. Great article!! Brings to mind that the International Quilt Festivals could also take note of this. I was delighted this October in Houston when I rounded the corner on my way to the food court and found http://www.Urban It was food for my eyes! That is were I spent most of my alloted dollars. They have the most awesome pattern of the month club for machine quilters! I signed up right away!! Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas Professional Longarm Quilter since 1996

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