The latest tote patterns with the awe factor

For those of you who love the Stitchin Sisters pattern – “Snap Happy” – and I did too; you’ll love Snap Happier!  There new pattern easily snaps closed by inserting a metal carpenter tape – just like Snap Happy – but this time, they are purse size.  Why not make a whole set as a gift?  Fill the little ones with travel size cosmetics; change; and gift cards.  “Wrap” them in the purse size for a Vera Bradley look on a budget!


Item #57PT  Retail $8.50

Studio Kat Designs  has designed some adorable totes – and has solved the problem of switching purses.  Let’s face it, we all love the fabric totes – but the prints don’t go with every outfit.  She has created an insert that holds all of the “stuff” so you simply pull it out and put it in another purse.  It comes in two different sizes – so choose the size you need depending on how much “stuff” you have!


Item #SKD1400  Retail $10.00

This insert was made to fit


Item #SKD2200  Retail $12.00

These totes are all roomy enough to hold everything – including these inserts!  Choose one or all of them depending on your mood!


Item #SKD1900  Retail 12.00


Item #SKD2100  Retail $12.00

This is the latest addition to the tote bag line – and the inspirations behind the larger insert.  I love the color, the accents, and the shape!  It looks like a pumpkin!


Item #SKD2300  Retail $12.00

Any or all of these patterns would be great classes.  Why not do it as a series of classes?  Make the insert in one class and the tote bag at another.  What a great way to use that designer fabric!

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