Alex Anderson produces an Heirloom Quality Notion

Alex Anderson’s 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool will begin to be shipped to stores the middle of August so place your orders now.  This notion is carved from maple and  includes a seam ripper, a stiletto, a presser and a turner.    This is an heirloom quality notion that every quilter will love – and the perfect gift.

Item #20109T Retail $19.95
It includes a seam ripper, a stiletto, a presser, and a turner.  The seam ripper is made by Bernina and is super-sharp to make short work of those unpleasant jobs!  The stiletto protects your fingers while sewing and pressing.  The Flat-ended presser cap is great for finger pressing and folding – paper-piecers will love it!  And the rounded tip on the opposite end  makes quick work of turning bias tubes, dolls and teddy bears.

It is designed to lay flat on your work surface and will not roll off of the counter or table at any time.  Alex has thought of everything!  This notion should be in every quilter’s stocking this season!

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