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Usually I don’t want to tempt you with a product that won’t be available until next month – but in this case, I wanted to make sure you pre-ordered it so our buyer would know how many to order.  Yes, it is THAT good!

This iron is made by Reliable – a company that has produced irons for the dry cleaning industry for over 50 years.  They have an amazing track record in that industry and brought their talents to the quilting world a few years ago.  They came to Quilt Market and asked quilters what they truly would want in their dream iron – and then produced it!

Item #V95

I have talked to the engineers and they explained why it works – but frankly, we care about what it does!  It has two separate heating elements so the distilled water is not heated by the same element that heats the sole plate.  That means that the water will never spit and leave marks on your fabric.  It also means that you can steam ANY fabric because the sole plate does not have to be hot to produce steam!  Absolutely amazing!

The iron has eco intelligence which saves water and energy.  Simply put, if there is no motion, there is no steam. The steam shuts off automatically.  And it has a larger water tank so it doesn’t need filled as often.

The iron comes with an anit-scale cartridge which filters the water so no mineral residues will collect and clog the iron.  If this filter is replaced every six months – the iron will continue to work at optimum efficiency for years!  It’s like getting the oil changed in your car – just do it!

The biggest difference between the V95 and the V100 is the automatic shut off feature.  Both irons have it – but the V100 which is coming out next month, has an over-ride feature. By simply pushing a button you can leave it on – at the ready – until you turn it off or unplug it.  This over-ride feature has to be engaged every time the iron is turned on so YOU can choose if you want to use it.  They both are corded irons.

ITEM #V100

If sewing is your business – and you want the best of the best, consider the Iron Maven.  This is the first ironing system equipped with an anti-calc warning system to let you know when it’s time to use the de-scaling powder that is supplied. It features continuous steam, has a low water light indicator, and an auto shut off for the boiler.   Professional dressmakers swear by it.  This iron may be just the thing for your classroom – after all your customers don’t know what they are missing until you put it in their hot little hands!  Let them take it for a test drive!

Item #J490A

Have you noticed that the quality of ironing boards has deteriorated to the point that quilters are looking for old wooden ironing boards at flea markets?  Reliable produces an ironing system that should be in every sewing room and classroom.  This ironing board comes with a “large extention”.  It also features a better pad, a more stable foundation, and a hot plate for the iron.  There is also a storage shelf underneath.  Most of us are still using the ironing boards we got as shower gifts – isn’t it time we upgraded???

Item #C60LB

And, for those of you who need better lighting in your sewing room – or any nook and cranny – this LED light has a life expectancy of 60,000 hours – which means you will never have to replace a bulb! Think of the savings!  It is energy efficient and produces less heat than a halogen light.

It has a special mounting plate for the bulbs so it diffuses the light and does not produce the blinding light that is common among the cheaper models. It has a C-clamp so it can be positioned exactly where you need it.  Machine quilters love it.  It is the closest thing to moving your machine outside – natural light allows you to not only see the detail of your work – but also the true colors.

Item #UL8000C

All of these items are currently available except for the V100 iron which won’t be available until next month.  If you are coming to the Checker Open House, you can try out the different models and talk to an expert.  As for me, it took just five minutes to win me over!

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  1. Does the V95 have a cord or is it cordless? I love the idea of the iron and the LED light!! Thank you.

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