Introducing 8 New Creative Grids Rulers

cg-logo_reg.jpgCreative Grids® Rulers has 8 new rulers available. These specialty rulers meet unique quilting needs. These rulers help simplify cutting fabric for Dresden Plate, diamonds, and curved corners.

Grab a cup of coffee and watch video demonstrations for a number of the new designs.

You’ll also find Creative Grids rulers to help you miter bindings on tricky angles, and get accurate measurements on your miniature quilts. Creative Grids rulers are exclusively distributed by Checker Distributors. Ask your local quilt shop to order any of these items for you. If you are a retailer, and attending Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, stop by our booth to see these rulers demonstrated.

Non-Slip Curved Corner Cutter Ruler
Watch video demonstration
Create rounded quilt corners in three different size curves. Ruler comes with instructions.

Retail: $17.00

Non-Slip Half-Hearted Ruler
cgrph_new.jpg Watch video demonstration
The red accents on this 4-inch by 12-inch ruler makes for clear recognition in your sewing box.

Retail: $14.00


Non-Slip Miniature Set
cgrmin_new.jpg Watch video demonstration
Set includes: 1-inch by 6-inch ruler with 1/16-inch, markings; 6-inch by 6-inch ruler with 1/8-inch markings; and a 1-inch by 12-inch ruler with 1/8-inch markings.

Retail $26.00

Non-Slip 18-degree Dresden Plate Ruler
This ruler set includes an 18-degree segment ruler and a 3.5-inch non-slip circle ruler. Use the ruler for Dresden Plate, Grandmother’s Fan and Stacked Layer designs. The outer edge of each circle segment can be spiky or curved. Instructions are included.

Retail: $23.00
Item: CGR18CF

Non-Slip 45-degree and 60-degree Diamond Ruler
This double-ended ruler will cut diamonds in a 7 different sizes. Instructions included.

Retail: $24.50

Item: CGR4560

Non-Slip Four-in-One Square

cgr41_new.jpg Watch video demonstration
Cut squares, quarter-square triangles, & half-square triangles. This ruler is great for using up your scraps.

Retail: $25.00

Item: CGR41

Non-Slip Angle Finder

cgraf_new.jpg Watch video demonstration
This ruler allows you to make mitered corners on all sorts of tricky angles, not just the normal 90-degree. Comes with instructions.

Retail: $16.50


I Love My Quilting Friends

This useful 2.5-inch by 10-inch ruler is a great gift idea. This non-slip ruler includes 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch grid sections.

Retail: $13.00


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