Snowmen are Popular – even in Summer

I love these red work snowman patterns!  They will be arriving soon, but I wanted to give you time to collect the fabrics.  You don’t have to wait for your Christmas fabrics to arrive to kit this one.  Get out all of your red print fabrics and the white with red prints.  Start cutting fat quarter packets!

“Heads Up” is simply fun!  Be sure to include the white background fabrics in the display – and in this case, the Yo Yo makers (8701CV).

Item #FF257  Retail $9.50

“Snowmobile”  makes a great pillow or wall hanging.  Have some tiny red buttons available for this one.  Visit our website to see all of the choices available:

Item #FF258  Retail $9..50

“Ima Flake” – your customers should buy it just for the name – don’t you love it???

Item #FF259  Retail $9.50

Include red floss (117UA-498) as well.  Your customers love one stop shopping so make it easy for them!

A variety of red buttons and embroider

Notions you Should Demo Part Two

I love to offer a “free” class after a demo if the customers buy the products and the following items work together to create the perfect scenario!

#1  Creative Grids Tumbler Ruler

This tool cuts tumbler blocks from any combination of strips that measure 4 1/2″ when sewn – a great way to use up scraps!

Item #CGRDBS90  Retail $26.95

#2  FFQ027

This is a simple pattern for a place mat that is the perfect “give away” with purchase of the ruler.

Item #FFQ027  Sold in Packages of 12

#3  PM-1B

This four pack of pre-cut place mats is a great companion for the pattern and ruler – it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Item #PM-1B  Retail $9.00

Why not offer a free class with the purchase of the ruler and place mats?  While you are demonstrating the ruler, cut the pieces you need to demonstrate the place mats!


When you are teaching the class, demonstrate this new binding tool and show them how easy it is to cut bias binding!  This is the first CGR ruler to include complete instructions on how to attach a binding – and covers the three top problem areas:  cutting the strips; turning the corners; and connecting the strips when they join.  Just scan the MS Tag or visit the Creative Grids USA Website.

Item #CGRABB1  Retail $18.95

#5  Wonder Clips

Show your customers how easy it is to attach a binding with these wonder clips by Clover.  They come in packages of 10 and 50.

Item #3155CV  Retail $6.95 (package of 10)

Item #3156CV  Retail $32.95  (package of 50)

If you have 4 1/2″ strips pre-cut, they will finish these in class!  How often does that happen???

Notions you should Demo Part One

Many of you are planning for shop hops or other events in your shops and need demo ideas.  These are my top picks – and the ones I will be demonstrating this summer:


Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool

When I demonstrate this tool, at least 75% of the crowd buys it!  It really is that good.  Each round of logs is trimmed before the next round is added so the block is always square.  Everyone who has made a log cabin knows how easy it is to have distorted and skewed blocks so this one is a no brainer!  Three rounds of one inch finished logs surround a two inch finished center square – a great way for your customers to use up their stash.

Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $18.95

#2  Seam Guide

The Log Cabin Trim Tool allows you to use any strips wider than 1 1/2″ but it is a great opportunity for your customers to check their seam allowances.  This handy little tool has several  holes drilled in it so your customers can easily mark their seam allowance (and check it while making this quilt).  At just $1.95, every quilter should have one!

Item #QPGUIDE  Retail $1.95 (Available in Packages of 12)

#3  Seam Ripper With Rubberized Tip

This is a fine pointed seam ripper that has a rubberized tip that removes all of the loose threads after all of that “reverse sewing”.

Item #A019721580  Available in an Assortment of 15

#4  Heat Press Batting Together

This tape is a great way to join batting scraps – your customers love any product that actually saves them money!

Item #HP1574  Retail $7.99

#5  Frixion Pen

This is the easiest demo ever!  Just plug in an iron, write on a piece of fabric – and iron it away!  It is like a magic show!  When this product first came out, people were concerned that it would reappear with cold – or disappear in the heat (including being left in a car).  Tell them to try it on a sample first – but personally, I haven’t had any problems.

Item #FX7BLK  Retail $2.69 Available in a Box of 12

Everything is in stock except the seam rippers so place your orders now so you are ready for your demo day.  Remember – Checker does consignment orders so talk to your sale rep to make the arrangements!

Pressing Makes the Quilt Block

Steady Betty has a new member of the family:  The Press & Pin Betty!  This board has the same great covering that you love – but with a center that is specially made so you can pin your quilt pieces in place!  These boards come in a variety of sizes.

Item #SB1216PP  Retail $58.00 (12″ x 16″ size)
Item #SB12PP  Retail $48.00 (12″ x 12″ size)
Item #SB16PP  Retail $58.00  (16″ x 16″ size)
Item #SB1524PP  Retail $68.00 (15″ x 24″)

In case you have not tried the other products by Steady Betty, let me explain why you should!  The grey material that covers these products stays cooler than most surfaces – your fingertips will thank you!  When pressing on this surface, there is no stretch or distortion.  This is always good – but especially when working in miniature.

Item #SB12  Retail $38.00 (12″ x 12″ size)
Item #SB1216  Retail $48.00 (12″ x 16″ size)
Item #SB1524  Retail $58.00 (15″ x 24″ size)
Item #SB16  Retail $48.00  (16″ x 16″ size)

It always amazes me when quilters spend thousands of dollars on sewing machines without acknowledging that every seam they sew must be pressed!  Spend the money on the tools you need to do the job right – and this is right!!!

Once you try these surfaces, they may become the ironing surface by your sewing machine or your take along board because you may decide that your entire ironing board needs this cover.

Item #IBCLRG  $50.00

The kit includes everything you need to cover your ironing board with the real thing!

So many quilters love the non-slide feature of this product so Pedal Betty was born.  These pads stop the foot pedals on machines from sliding – another problem solved!

Item #PD1216  Retail $28.00 (12″ x 16″ size)
Item #SBPBMEDIUM  $38.00
Item #SBPBLARGE  $48.00
Item #SBPBXLARGE  $58.00

These are great products to demo at your summer events.  It is your job to educate your customers and let them know when there is a better mousetrap – and this is a better mousetrap!

Save the Date

When three calendars are in the top 10, it is time to place yours orders!  These beauties make great counter displays for those upcoming shop hops and summer events.  Here are the ones that are currently available:

Landauer has three favorites including our #1 seller based on the ever popular book Scrappy Fireworks Quilts (L112902 – $27.95) by Edyta Sitar.

Item #L112780  Retail $ 12.95

Lynette Jensen fans will love this latest version that includes photographs of quilts from a wide variety of her books.

Item #L11284  Retail $12.95

Enjoy this collection of paintings by Diane Phalen…

That Patchwork Place  has put together a collection of quilts and patterns from their top authors.  The quilts are as diverse as the designers who create them!

Item #C133  Retail $16.99

Piecemakers selection includes the patterns for a gorgeous ocean scene.

Item #C2013  Retail $19.00

Everyday calendars are always popular – and here are two of my favorites…

Quilter’s Block a Day Calendar is a great way to accumulate patterns for your favorite blocks.

Item #C123  Retail $19.95

Or this calendar of great ideas from Gooseberry Patch…

For those of you who like engagement calendars, we’ve got that covered too…

Item #AQS8666  Retail $13.95

You already know many of the major dates for 2013, so why not print them out on labels so your customers can add them to mark those special days?  Quilt shows, Super Bowl sales, and shop hops are just a few events that could be highlighted.  Give each sale that personal touch – and they will be back!

Go Big for the Home

GE Designs’ new book – Big Blocks Big Style – is the perfect title for this collection of nine quilts by one of my favorite designers, Gudrun Erla.

Item #GE506  Retail $20.00

After all, sometimes when you want to make a statement it is time to go big or go home – or go big FOR the home!!

Gudrun was kind enough to film a video for CheckerYou at Market.  The video, based on this book, is available to shop owners at after you enter your account number.

Many of these quilts use the CGRT60 ruler – always a top sellers.  Don’t you love it when you already have the companions in stock???

Item #CGRT60  Retail $17.95

View the video and base a class on this latest addition to the CheckerYou video!  A visit with the author herself is always a good thing!

The Finger Thing

The Finger Thing is a metal tool that can be molded to fit the finger of your choice.  The rounded point works like an awl when sewing on a machine.  Easily control the direction of the seams and protect your fingertips at the same time.  Since you don’t have to hold it, your other fingers and thumb can still be used to guide the fabric!

Item #SFP1  Retail $9.95

I love to use this tool when pressing.  When pressing seams open, the rounded tip easily holds the fabric in place and protects your fingers from the heat of the iron AND the heat of the ironing surface.

A woman at Market said she uses it as a hand quilting tool as well.  I’m sure your customers will find other uses for it.  When a creative tool gets in the hands of creative people, who knows what will happen!

These will be arriving soon, so order now to guarantee delivery by your summer events.

iPhone Accessories

IPhones are everywhere and with the new Checker app, they are a must have for every shop owner.  Now keep your iPhone at your fingertips at all time with this lanyard.  Available in a variety of glitzy colors,  it plugs into the charger outlet of your phone.  These will be arriving any day, so order now to be the first store to carry them!

Item #IPHONEBLACK  Retail $16.95

For those customers who consider their phone a fashion accessory, Anna Griffin has designed an iPhone case in some of her favorite fabric designs…choose the color that suits your mood.

Item #FH510  Retail $16.00

Item #FH505  Retail $15.00

Item #FH506  Retail $15.00

Item #FH509  Retail $16.00

Item #FH507  Retail $16.00

Item #FH508  Retail $16.00

To view the complete line of Anna Griffin products, visit our website at:

Flowers aren’t just in the Garden

It’s summertime and the living is, well, colorful!  Purses and cotton skirts should be on display in every quilt shop – and these pre-made flowers are the perfect embellishment.  They are reasonably priced so your customers can trim their favorite creation for the price of some designer buttons.  Ranging in size from 3″ to 7″, there is a size – and color – for every project.

This seven inch linen flower is a striking addition, available in crimson, onyx, and linen.

Item #BGFAB-8025  Retail $7.00

This four inch cotton flower is available in Melon, Seaspray, and Truffle…

Item #BGFAB-8031  Retail $4.00

This 3″ wool felt flower is available in Blush, Buttercup, and Linen…

Item #BGFAB-8040  Retail $6.50

This 3″ wool felt and chiffon applique is also available in a variety of colors.

Item #BGFAB-8044  Retail $4.50

To see the entire selection, visit our website at:  Many are in stock.  Others will be arriving soon so plan ahead.

Seams Easy

This is my favorite notion coming out of Quilt Market so if you love it as much as I do, pre-order it now!!!

The seam-fix is a seam ripper by Tacony that has a sharp point which easily fits under the stitching – even if you stitch at 12 – 16 stitches per inch.  A display includes 5 each of 3 different colors – 15 in all.

Item #A019721580  Retail $101.32

Here is the best part!  Both ends are made of a rubber type product that acts as an eraser.  Once you are done ripping the seam, run the rubber tip over the seam and the threads come right off!  This is definitely a case of “why didn’t I think of that”!  Simply genius!

I want to use it when I am giving my quilts the final press before they go to the machine quilter.  It picks up all of those loose threads that get caught in the seams.  If you are having shop hops and special events this summer, this better be on your counter or you are loosing sales!