Heat Press Batting Together in Black and White

Heat Press Batting Together is always a top seller, so I wanted to let you know that the Item # has changed.  #HPBT is now HP1574 – and is 15 yards instead of 10 for the same price!

Item #HP1574  Retail $7.99

And, now, there is a new size!  It comes in 100 yard rolls for $50.00.

Item #HP10074  Retail $50.00

This product also comes in a black version now…

Item #HP34BL  Retail $3.99 (10 Yard Roll)
Item #HP74BL  Retail $7.99 (10 Yard Roll)

Through the wonders of modern technology, Gina – the head of our IT department – has done her magic so if you type in HPBT or HP1574, it will take you to the new product!  Order it now so you have plenty on hand when your customers want to make table runners, place mats, etc. for the holidays.  It is a great way to use up batting scraps when working on these small gifts!

New Patterns that are Guaranteed Sales

Shadow Song

There is a reason that 6 out of the top 20 patterns are by Atkinson Designs!  She creates projects that appeal to all generations and are constructed in such a way that anyone can make them – and be proud of the finished product!    Shadow Song is a perfect example.  It is the perfect beginning quilt class for your shop – but everyone will want one!

Item #ATK159  Retail $9.00

Notice that the points of the triangles float in this variation of a Churn Dash or Shoo Fly block. When the pieced blocks are completed, they can be squared up to the exact same size as the strip pieced units.  And the strip pieced units are cut to a series of different widths so only one seam matches from row to row (the churn dash blocks placed in the middle of the quilt).  Once the blocks are pieced, there are four seams per row so as long as their seam allowance is consistent, everything goes together beautifully.  And, when they are done, they are done – no sashings, multiple borders, etc. – a great two part class!

Lollipop Bags

This pattern includes the bags in two sizes – and sits on an oval base.  These are quick and easy gifts – just in time for Christmas..and at $6.50, it is a fast, affordable class.

Item #ATK160  Retail $6.50

Don’t forget to order the hooks….

Item #ATK10AB (Brass)  Retail $3.49
Item #ATK511N (Nickel)  Retail $3.49

Table Runner and Winter Partners

I love redwork and bluework – especially around the holidays.  A basket with red pearl cotton and an embroidered project looks like it is a part of the holiday decorations.  And, these two new patterns by Bird Brain Designs work up so quickly that you will finish them in plenty of time…

Item #BBD568  Retail $9.00

Item #BBD571  Retail $9.00

The three dimensional flower creations from La Tadora are incredibly popular.  Look at these latest creations….plenty of time to makae these for Christmas.

Item #LAT017CAC  Retail $9.00

Cream Puff Christmas Trees

This no-sew project is oh so portable….

Item #LAT018CRE  Retail $9.00

Teacher’s Pet

Kathy Brown is one of my favorite designers.  She knows that many of us are working out of our stashes during these economic times so she created a pattern line that uses fat quarters.  Most quilters have a few hundred of those laying around – and at just $6.50, they are affordable as well as adorable…enter Fat Quarter Quickies…

Fiddlesticks is a fun, fast quilt.  As long as your students seam allowances are consistent, this quilt will go together fast and easy.

Item #TP5010  Retail $6.50

Sweet ‘n Sassy Gift Sack

This is just adorable – and in holiday fabrics, is sure to make everyone smile…

Item #TP5011  Retail $6.50

Since these are brand new, they may not be in stock immediately – but if you are not going to Market, these patterns are my way of giving you a sneak peak…..

Laundry Basket Quilts Pays Respect

Edyta Sitar is one of my favorite designers – this woman knows how to sew.  That may seem like a strange comment – but it is one of the biggest compliments you can pay someone in our industry.  Her patterns work because she understands the science behind quilting.

She thinks outside of the box – and because Edyta has done her homework – her techniques work.  And, because of her hard work, her books and patterns allow you to create quilts that are a joy to make – and create!

That is why her newest book is a labor of love….

Item $LBQ0278  Retail $27.95

“Reasons for Quilts” is a glimpse into Edyta’s private quilt collection.  Don’t you love it when such a talented woman pays homage to those who influenced her journey?  And, then see the quilts they inspired.  Come join us at the Checker booth at Quilt Market.  Edyta will be sharing her Rule of 5 – a tried and true method of choosing fabrics for quilts – and follow that with a book signing (Sunday at 4:45)).  Come by and meet a master!

Creative Grids Double Strip Rulers Shine

The strip rulers are simply brilliant designs – but until we got them into the hands of brilliant designers, we didn’t know how truly special they are!  We knew the basic concept was a winner – but didn’t realize the versatility of the tools….Check these out!

Item #CGRDBSKL  Retail $ 26.95

All of these quilts were made with this same ruler…

Kaleido-Strips 8 by Rita Fishel of Creations Sew Clever

This ‘double strip” version of a kaleidoscope makes short work of the tedious task of rotary cutting these quilts….

Item #CSC005  Retail $10.00

Joan Ford – Scrap Therapy

Joan has used this ruler in several quilts – and they all look totally different!

Around Town….

Item #HH-107  Retail $9.00

Without a Paddle….

Item #ST-227  Retail $9.00

Trade Winds….

In this quilt, Joan combines the Creative Grids Double Strip Kaleidoscope with the Whirligigs Template (CGRF4):

Item #ST-228  Retail $9.00

Lizzy House

Lizzy combined the Creative Grids Double Strip Kaleidoscope with the Lazy Angle ruler (CGR3754) to produce the cover quilt in her new book….

Item #LHL1001PB007  Retail $24.95

The Double Strip 60 Degree Ruler…

Item #CGRDBS60  Retail $26.95

Rita Fishel of Creations Sew Clever has done it again – this 60 degree version of a kaleidoscope quilt….

Item #CGRDBS60  Retail $10.00

The Storm at Sea Ruler….

Item #CGRSAS  Retail $27.45

All of the cuts for this Storm at Sea quilt are made with this one ruler…

Item #CSC002  Retail $10.00

The Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler….

Item #CGRSRC3  Retail $25.95

What a fun way to work with positive and negatives….

Item #CSC003  Retail $10.00

Stop by the Creative Grids booth at Quilt Market to see these quilts – and learn how easy it is to make them.  Some of these patterns will not be available until next month – but you may want to pre-order because when you see them in person, the patterns and rulers will be flying off of the shelves!

Quilting-on-the-Go goes Modern

Carolyn Forster has taken a technique made famous by Georgia Bonesteel a generation ago – and approached it with fresh eyes.  And, my how the technique has changed along with the notions and tools that make it possible!

Item #Lll11  Retail $24.95

Many quilters also knit or crochet because those needle arts are so portable.  This is the quilter’s version of knitting.  Carolyn has brought back portability to quilting – and it is easier – and faster –  than you think!

Many of us have closets and drawers full of quilt blocks or tops that are waiting to be quilted.  And, they will sit there until we have time to hand quilt them (maybe when we retire…) or finally bite the bullet and send them out to a machine quilter.

We are now a society of hurry up and wait – wait for appointments, wait in traffic, wait to pick up children, wait for repairman, wait…..wait….wait….  But what if we looked forward to these frustrating breaks in our routine because it gave us an opportunity to do something we love???  What if these times became moments to lower our blood pressure – instead of raise it?  Carolyn will show you how.

Heat Press Batting Together is the perfect companion for this technique.  This product makes short work of joining the blocks together.

Item #HP34  Retail $3.99

Traditionally, this method incorporates wide sashings between the blocks so there is room to join the blocks together after quilting.  Carolyn incorporates pieced designs in these sashings so you can’t tell where the connections are made – simply amazing!

Everyone can hand quilt using her method.  Tiny stitches are easy to achieve when a frame doesn’t get in your way.  You can literally move the quilt block up and down instead of rocking the needle. Carolyn will turn you into hand quilters one project at a time….

You can also pre-order Carolyn’s next book.  “Utility Quilting” features big stitches with decorative threads that make short work of hand quilting – showcase the stitching for a decorative look.

Item #L11273  Retail $27.95

Carolyn loves scrappy quilts so it is no surprise that she loves to work with 2 1/2″ strips.  I love row quilts.  This one gives you an opportunity to try a variety of patterns in one project.  And, if you want a larger quilt, lengthen and repeat the rows!

Item #L11282  Retail $11.00

Carolyn Forster uses one of the favorite rulers in the U.K. – the multi-sized triangles – specifically designed to cut half-square and quarter-square triangles from pre-cuts.

Item #CGRMS4590  Retail $24.95

Now is the perfect time to introduce your customers to hand-quilting.  And, with this technique, it is also cheaper.  Customers can use up their stash when piecing, use up their batting scraps when quilting, and even piece their backs.

Your customers will become traveling ambassadors for your shop.  When they are Quilting-on-the-Go, they will be a walking advertisement.  You may want to pass out business cards in the class so when they are bragging about you, they have your contact information readily available.  Talk about a win/win!

Split Seconds with a Curve

Karla Alexander is a genius!  There is no other way to describe a gal who has figured out how to make curved piecing simple enough for me – a traditional quilter.

I am thrilled to announce that her latest book with Martingale will be released in February!  And, ladies, I have seen the projects and it is a work of art!!!  I usually don’t talk about something so far in advance, but there is a reason…

Item #B1121T  Retail $24.95

This book features 19 different quilts that use a series of Creative Grids rulers designed just for us!  Visit our website for more details:  http://www.checkerdist.com/products/search?d=30930

And, all of these rulers are already supported by a series of patterns.  That means you can teach your customers how to use the rulers now – and they will have the tools – and instruction – they need to make the quilts in this book as soon as it arrives!

These quilts feature the entire line of curved rulers:  Curved for Squares – CGRKA1; Curved for Rectangles – CGRKA2; Straight Out of Line (that just looks like curves) – CGRKA3; and the Curved Slotted Ruler – CGRKA4.

Her latest ruler with Creative Grids incorporates a “sweet spot” that makes it possible to match the center seams every time effortlessly!  The Split Second Ruler cuts squares from 7″ – 18″ into units that can then be sewn into four-patches.

Item #CGRKA5  Retail $32.95

The quilts that support this ruler are stunning!  Some of them incorporate curved four-patches – and some just have curves – but the movement she creates is amazing!  And, all of these curves can be sewn with just a few pins – I actually have used all of them and she has made a believer out of me!  Karla will be demonstrating at the Checker Booth at Quilt Market so come and see how these rulers can be a part of your demo day.

And, check out these quilts….My Favorite Things….

Item #SSQ409  Retail $9.50

Giant Rail Ways….

Item #SSQ410  Retail $9.50

Checkered Path…..

Item #SSQ412  Retail $9.50
Spring Fever….
Item #SSQ411  Retail $9.50
These are the types of quilts that make spectacular classes that you will offer again and again.  And, once they learn to piece curves the “Karla” way, they will want to make them all!  You can never get too much of a good thing!
Karla will be demonstrating at the Creative Grids booth at Market.  Stop by and learn from the expert!

It’s time to go back to school – Quilt Market style

For those of you who have never participated, School House at Quilt Market is the day before the vendor’s mall opens.  And, it is an event with a capital “E”.

Marti Michel is the coordinator – and that is no mean feat!

The event is structured just like high school.  The shop owners go to 15 or 30 minute sessions – and have five minutes to make it to the next class.  (Unlike high school, no one is stopping to talk to their boyfriends, so five minutes is plenty of time!)  Or, come and join us for the day and make yourself comfortable!  We have a star studded line-up  – all in one room – which is sure to make you smile…

These sessions start at 10:00 and end at 6:00, so for a nominal fee, a shop owner can learn about at least 12 new techniques and products.  This is the must attend event at each Market.  Shop owners choose demonstrations and class ideas for the next six months – and can plan their first day in the vendor’s mall accordingly.

Join us  – and many of your favorite designers – in Room 371B & C.  Here is the schedule – without pictures – so you can print it and take it with you…..

10:40 – 10:55 a.m.

Susan Knapp of The Quilt Branch

Six Halves Make a Whole Lot of Quilt

Join Susan as she shares samples from her books and patterns that show how easy it is to kit six half-yard cuts and kit her designs.  Then learn how easy it is to rotary cut every quilt under the roof  with her Cottage and House rulers from Creative Grids!

11:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Linda McGehee of Ghee’s Zippers

Fast, Fun and Easy Zippers!

Zippers are haute for garments, quilts, bags, & crafts.  Learn the easiest way to install a zipper without a zipper foot.  And, see why zippers have become embellishments – and can add a decorative touch to any project.  Linda will also teach you how to fix a zipper!

11:35 a.m. – 12:05 p.m.

Rita Fishel and Friends

Creative Quilts with Creative Grids – Meet the Designers

Rita is hosting a show and tell that features quilts designed with our specialty  rulers.  Join the gals from Swirly Girls; Scrap Therapy; The Quilted Button; Lizzy House; The Teacher’s Pet; and Marlous Designs for an inspirational show and tell as they show why the right tools are so important!

12:10 – 12:40 p.m.

Kathy Southern of Studio Kat Designs

Kaleidoscope Piecing – Add Pizzazz to your Projects

StudioKat Designs demonstrates how you can transform all of your small projects into incredible works of art!

12:45 – 1:15 p.m.

Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction

Use These Tips to Encourage a New Generation of Sewers

We invite you to join us as Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction presents social media suggestions, clever ideas for marketing patterns & books, and event ideas that are appropriate for ANY generation.

1:55 – 2:10 p.m.

Karen LePage author of Figgy’s Patterns

Sewing for Boys

Karen LePage has joined forces with Wiley & Sons to publish the first book dealing exclusively with clothing for boys.  Join us for an overview, project samples, and question and answer session with the co-author.

2:15 – 2:30 p.m.

Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy Quilts

Add the Awe Factor to Tote Bags the Sweet ‘N Sassy Way

Create add-on sales with the Sweet ‘N Sassy Template by Creative Grids.  Learn how to use this template to add a decorative touch to a tote bag, placemats & a table runner.  Templates aren’t just for quilts any more!

2:35 – 3:05 p.m.

Rachel Cross and Penny Haren of Creative Grids

From Basic to Wonky – the New Generation of Creative Grids

Join Rachel Cross & Penny Haren as they demonstrate the newest releases from your favorite ruler company – all perfect choices for your demo days.

3:10 – 3:40 p.m.

Karla Alexander of Saginaw Street Quilt Co.

Dynamic Curves the Easy Way

Come discover a dynamic technique for cutting and sewing curves the magic, easy way!  You’ll take something new back to your customers and students that they can actually use!

3:45 – 4:15 p.m.

Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company

Marketing with More Margin

Cash in on extra profits with marketing tips that promote and sell products – and put more money in your pocket.  Karen shares demo ideas, class projects and holiday gift programs that will boost your bottom line.

4:20 – 4:50 p.m.

Marsha Bergren of The Twister

“Let’s Twist…Again” and More

The Twister craze continues.  Join us for more ideas and patterns using the Twister tools.  We will demo, share ideas, and help you create marketing strategies that will sell hundreds of these tools!

4:55 – 5:25 p.m.

Kathy Brown of Teacher’s Pet

Join Kathy as she shows you how to “Bash your Customer’s Stash” by turning fat quarters into pre-cuts and pre-cuts into sub-cuts with her new double duty ruler “The Fat Quarter Cutter” for Creative Grids.  Combine the ruler with her new pattern line – Fat Quarter Quickies – to get more bang for your buck!

Checker loves to throw a party – and this is an all day event that focuses on education!  Come join in the fun – and learning.  Bring your business cards to be eligible for a series of drawings.  What’s a party without prizes!

The Sharpest Crayon in the Box

I am showing my age – but I remember when the Crayola box of 64 crayons was released – and THAT was the “must have” toy for Christmas.  My how times have changed!

For example, Michael Miller produces over 180 colors of their very popular Krystal line – the quilter’s crayon box just exploded!  But when given that many choices, quilters have to learn how to choose not only the colors – but the shades of each color.  Enter Heather Thomas!

Item #L11287  Retail $29.95

Heather is a fiber artist who has a great sense of color, and in her new book “A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color & Design”, explains in very simple terms how it is done.

The first fifty pages of the book explain the color wheel – and then features each color on its own.  Every color is then shown by hue, shade, tone and tint.  (And, yes, Heather explains the different terminologies).  Each color also features a quilt in that colorway so you can visually analyze the process of choosing the fabrics.

Then Heather explains – and shows in a hundreds of pictures – how colors work together.

But fabric is not one dimensional.  It is tactile.  So a book on fabric color has to address our specific needs.  Fabric has texture as well as a variety of prints.  And, quilting and the choice of threads can change the look of the entire piece.  Heather explains and illustrates all of that too.

There are 12 workshops on color included so once you have learned the elements of color, master the skills – with Heather guidance every step of the way.

This is a must have book for every quilter – and should be a lecture or series of classes in every quilt shop.  With so many colors, textures, and prints available, our customers are overwhelmed with choices….education is always a good thing!

Take a Minute to Check out Quilt Moments!

A must stop at the AQS show was the Quilt Moments booth!  Marilyn Foreman’s booth was hopping!  Her booth was full of quilts and color – and she had story boards to show how easy it is to create spectacular quilts!

In her “Changing Ways” pattern, sew together a simple block and change the layout by simply rotating the block units to create four different quilts!  Directions include fabric requirements in throw, twin and queen sizes.  Don’t you love it when they do the math???  All you need are 2 1/2″ strips!  This would be a great class!  The quilts will look totally different depending on the lay out and fabrics chosen.  Take pictures for a story board – and your students have done the work for you!

Item #QM123  Retail $8.50

Or choose “Candy Jar”.  Again one simple block design looks totally different when rotated…

Item #QM122  Retail $8.50

This pattern comes in four sizes:  runner, throw, twin and queen.  Cut your 2 1/2″ strips and you are ready to play!  The movement in this quilt makes it my choice for all children’s quilts!  It is just plain fun!

Petal Paradise is a show stopper – and features an optional four-patch kaleidoscope center that is easy to achieve.  Simple and dramatic!  Your students will be impressed!  The setting is breathtaking – and easy enough for a beginner.  Again, there are cutting instructions for three sizes.

Item #QM124  Retail $9.50

“Catch Me” is a fun versatile pattern that has lots of options.  It is designed to use any pre-printed panels or blocks from 4 to 10 inches.  The cutting chart gives you the measurements for all of those sizes.

Item #QM120  Retail $9.50

I love the pinwheels that are formed when the blocks are sewn together!  What a great way to put a different spin on the panels in your store.  It will give your fabric line a whole different look from your competitors.  Isn’t that what quilting is all about – creating beautiful quilts by adding a touch of our own style???  Here is a closeup of a Christmas panel…

Marilyn loves kaleidoscopes – and uses them in many of her patterns.  Check out “Ring Toss”.  The blocks are spectacular – and the setting does it justice!

Item #QM114  Retail $8.50

It looks totally different when the fabrics are changed…isn’t it amazing???

To see her complete line of patterns, visit our website at:  http://www.checkerdist.com/products/search?keywords=quilt+moments&relatedto=

You’ll be glad you did!

The Most Ingenious Way to Hang a Quilt

I was at the AQS show in Des Moines this week and always want to know what booth is drawing a crowd.  In this case, it was the two guys at the Hang It Dang It booth!  Their business started when his wife, who is a quilter, wanted him to hang quilts in their house.  We all know that this isn’t easy!  They are heavy, have to be hung without damaging the quilt – and keeping them straight and level isn’t easy!

But with the Hang It Dang It, you only need one hook or nail!  This is how it works.  The system comes in two parts – the adjustable length rod and the bracket.  The rod has a powerful magnet enclosed in the center of the tube.  You don’t know it’s there but that is the magic of the whole system!

Item #HIDI2135 (from 21″ – 35″)  Retail $45.99
Item #HIDI3563 (from 35″ – 63″)  Retail $55.99

Center the rod in the sleeve (it’s easy because the center of the rod is marked).  Because of the magnet, the hanger bracket attaches to the center of the rod – right through the sleeve!  Just place the hole in the hanger bracket over the nail or hook and you are done.  It will naturally balance itself!

The magnet is so powerful that you can hang up to 40 pounds without a problem – more than the weight of a king sized quilt!

They had a quilt hanging in their booth – perfectly straight – from an “S” hook hanging off of the back pole!  For those of you who do shows and set up booths, you know how amazing this is!  And for shop owners, hanging quilts in your shop is always tedious and time consuming!  Not any more!  These guys were selling quantities to every shop owner and vendor in the place!

I went to see what all of the fuss was about at the end of the show – they had two left!  When does that ever happen????

What an easy demo!  Hang one in your shop and they will buy!  All you need is a nail – and a sleeve on the back of your quilt!  You can even sell them the pre-made sleeve.  It can’t get any easier than that!

Item #QH300  Retail $9.99 (Off White)
Item #QH300B (Black)

Each package includes three yards of a ready to use pleated sleeve.  Sew it to your quilt – and Hang It, Dang It! You can do it all by yourself!!!