Elly Sienkiewicz Shares Beloved Baltimore Album Quilt

Elly Sienkiewicz is truly a legend in our industry.  Her books have become the bible for anyone who wants to make a Baltimore Album quilt.  These spectacular,three-dimensional applique quilts became popular in the mid 1800’s and are no less popular today.

Item#10723  Retail $29.95

This book features 25 classic 8″ blocks – in that recognizable Baltimore style…berries, birds, and bows abound!  But the photography in Beloved Baltimore Album Quilts makes it a true classic!  Over 120 quilters participated in the making of the quilts pictured in the book.  You have an opportunity to view exquisite work from these experts in handwork.

There are photographs featuring quilts from the Quilts, Inc., 2010 exhibit – Baltimore Album Review II: Baltimore’s Daughters- Friends Stitch Past to Future.  For those of you who were lucky enough to see this exhibit, this book will bring back fond memories of an unforgettable show!  And, since the blocks are 8″, they are the perfect size to carry with you.

Elly will be sharing her projects and techniques at the Checker Booth at Houston Quilt Market.  Come meet her on Sunday at 2:45.  Be prepared to be inspired!!!

Scraps and Strips from Laundry Basket Quilts

Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket quilts is releasing a new book from Landauer this fall – and you will love it!  Who can resist anything she does???  Edyta has a great sense of style; creative ideas; and enthusiasm – all of these traits combine to make her a true star in our industry!

Her latest book – Friendship Strips & Scraps – includes 18 projects.  But in true Edyta style, she has included all kinds of ideas for scrap and strip swaps that are perfect for any shop or quilt group.  Her years of experience in this industry shine through.  She KNOWS what it takes to teach a class and get those creative juices flowing!

Item #L11262  Retail $27.95
If you notice, there are twelve houses in the cover quilt- perfect for a block of the month, but the quilt is so gorgeous, kits of the entire quilt would fly off the shelves.  It is  a great way to demo bias tape; applique, strip piecing, and triangles.  Learning opportunities are always a good thing!!
Try hosting one of her strip or scrap exchanges – who doesn’t have a stash they would like to share, or trade for new inspiration???
Pre-order this book NOW to guarantee that you will get it hot off the presses!  Edyta will be sharing projects from this book and demonstrating her techniques at the Checker Booth at Houston Quilt Market.  Stop by and visit with her on Sunday at 9:45.  She is an absolute delight!!!

Nancy Halvorsen and Art to Heart – Kit Ready

Nancy Havorsen has combined forces with Checker to make it even easier for shop owners to kit her projects.  When we developed Print n Fuse, we knew we were going to change the market!  This fusible web – that runs through an inkjet printer – copies the templates right onto the fusible web.  Tracing is no longer required!  And, for shop owners who love to sell kits based on her books – and teach classes – this is such a time saver!  The shop can print the templates right on the fusible and the students are ready to start their project.  Nancy has grouped them by color to make your life even easier.

The templates for her latest book, Tidings, is available for download – just in time for those quick Christmas Make It/Take It classes.

Item #ATH542B  Retail $18.00

Just visit her website at http://shop.arttoheart.com/category.sc;jsessionid=6CBCCF8B85870896E0AAEEA88D3251FF.qscstrfrnt05?categoryId=8 and download them for a nominal fee.  Nancy has given you permission to make copies of these templates directly onto the Print nFuse for classes and kitting – as long as a book is sold with each copy!!!  Nancy is one of the most creative artists of our time – and she deserves to be paid for what she does, so lets respect the designer!!!  End of lecture…

These templates are also available for Garden Song.

Item #ATH541B  Retail $18.00

Look for this image on her website:

Garden Song Templates

Garden Song Templates
This download gives you all the templates you need for the Garden Song book in a convenient ink jet printable form. The templates for this book are 39 pages.
Don’t forget the Print n Fuse!  It is available in packages of 12, 25, or 100 sheets.  The 100 pack is the best buy and is perfect for those of you who kit!  For less than $1.00 a sheet you can spoil your customers – and they will come back for more!
Item #PNF12  Retail $11.99
Item #PNF25  Retail $18.99
Item #PNF100  Retail $55.99

Fold n Go – and get organized

We all quilt on the go – and the folks at Quilt Happy have just made that easier.  They have created a vinyl storage case that is a generous 8 1/4″ x 20″ when opened and folds to a very portable 4″ x 8 1/4″ size.

Item #QH5002-GR Retail $24.95  (Green Trim)
Item #QH5002-BL   Retail $24.95 (Blue Trim)
Item #QH5002-WH  Retail $24.95 (White Trim)

This picture gives you some idea of the treasures that can be stored inside….The Fold n Go Quilt Notions Box has enough compartments to hold all of your treasures – needles, threads, marking tools, thimbles, measuring tape – a place for everything and everything in its place.

But this is not just for those of us who love handwork.  Keep one of these cases by your sewing machine.  It is the perfect place to hold all of those machine feet, machine needles, screwdrivers, etc.

And, to help keep you organized, they are available with three different colors of trim.  The body of the case is a black micro-fiber material that is easy to clean.  The trim colors help keep you organized – one color for handwork; one for machine.  Each case closes easily with two magnetic snaps and features a nice wide handle that is easy to grab and go.

Take a few moments to get organized now so you have more time to sew in the future!

Go Green with Unforgettable Totebags

Many of us want to leave a smaller carbon footprint by re-using and re-cycling.  In Eleanor Levie’s new book – Unforgettable Tote Bags – she combines 20 patterns that will be the hit of any shopping expedition!
Unforgettable TOTE BAGS

Item #EL31750  Retail $21.95

Eleanor contacted many of the top designers of our time and asked them to design a bag memorable enough that people would remember to take them to the store with them!  The results are simply amazing!

Some of these designs can be created in less than an hour by using a pre-purchased bag as a foundation.  Others start from scratch.  But, in each case, these totes showcase a style and technique that is representative of these top designers.  What better way to try their techniques in a simple, non-threatening way?

Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy combine their talents in a bag that is bright and happy.  The strip piecing features a fussy cut flower that looks like it was just picked from a garden.

Karen Eckmeier designed a bag that teaches her technique from the book Accidental Landscapes.  Virginia Avery used a paper-fold design that reminds me of Hawaiian quilting.

If you have been itching to try machine quilting, Diane Gaudynski created a bag that showcases beautiful feather quilting.  One of my favorites is “A Tisket, A Tasket”.  This bag is a basket liner for your favorite bicycle – why not go green in your mode of transportation as well!

There are also some opportunities to try fabric painting.  Green Cats Catchall by Susan Shite is outstanding – and would be right at home in any art gallery.

Why not offer a series of classes featuring these bags as an opportunity to teach a variety of these techniques.  After all, these bags are meant to be used – and don’t have to be perfect.  They are a great way to use up scraps of fabric, batting, and anything else in your sewing room!

What great gifts this Christmas – why not use these bags as your wrapping paper?  Go Green!

Threads – The Basic and Beyond

In the old days, thread was thread. There was polyester or cotton – and most people bought whatever was on sale.  Welcome to a new age!  Threads now come in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors – and they don’t just hold layers of fabric together any more.  Thread are a great way to embellish a piece and add texture and dimension to a work of art.  But with so many choices, how do you choose – and when you have them home – what do you do with them???
Debbie Bates and Liz Kettle came to the rescue and wrote a book that explains everything you ever wanted to know about thread – but weren’t knowledgeable enough to ask!
Retail $27.95  Item #L11250

The photographs in this book are amazing!  They offer step-by-step guides to traditional techniques as well as giving you an opportunity to  think outside of the box and experiment with thread painting, molding thread structures – and just plain playing with a new medium!

Practice these techniques by creating the projects in the book – or just get a taste by creating a passport.  Debbie and Liz will answer all of your questions so you become an educated consumer – and know the advantages of every type of thread.  Knowledge is always a good thing…..

Join the Star Thread Locator and Increase Sales

I love Star thread! What is not to love – 1,200 yards of a high quality thread that retails for $5.95???

Visit our website to see a complete listing of all of the available colors:  http://www.checkerdist.com/products/threads/?f_u=40582&page=1&f_c=40233&f_v=C440.  The variegated are beautiful too – and will tempt all of your customers:  http://www.checkerdist.com/products/threads/?f_u=40583&page=1&f_c=40233&f_v=C440.

At Market, they showcased a new rack that hold 20 colors and fits in four rows of five colors.

These units can be stacked to increase your inventory – without taking up more counter space – or floor space!  The most popular colors are available as an assortment – Item #GV37410 – 3 spools of 20 colors.

The thread is wrapped around a large cardboard spool – which required an adapter to work on most sewing machines.  Just have a container of them by the thread rack.  They come two to a pack – and last forever – as long as your dog doesn’t turn them into chew toys!  (Item #ADAPT, Retail $2.10).

Star Thread has started a website and would like to list your store as a source for their thread!  Visit the Star website at:


Give them the following information:

Store Name
City, State, Zip Code, Country
Phone Number
Web Address

After all, free advertising is always a good thing!

A Rose of Sharon with Sharon Pederson

In October of last year a challenge was issued on the Electric Quilt website to design a Rose of Sharon block using only specified shapes (a blossom in 12 sizes, a leaf in 6 sizes, and a circle in 4 sizes – plus 1/4 inch stems) and a lovely fabric palette from Island Batik. And who better to organize this challenge but a gal named Sharon!

At the end of the challenge, Electric Quilt received 850 blocks from designers in 11 countries and were blown away by their diversity; beauty; and inventiveness. Sharon Pederson and Elizabeth – her business partner at Nine Patch Media – narrowed the field down to 50 finalists which were sent to Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson who chose the final 12 winners.   These final twelve were used to make the cover quilt.

Item #B1051T  Retail $24.99

This quilt has it all – including a cause dear to many quilter’s hearts – Alzheimer Research.  That’s right – a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the supporting products benefit this great cause.

Sharon has combined the blocks in the cover quilt – along with many of her personal favorites – in her new book.  But she didn’t stop there – she put together a complete package so that everyone will be successful.  Who would have though that three shapes could be twisted and turned into all of that beuaty???

Sharon has produced a DVD with Nine Patch Media that explains the whole applique process from start to finish as well as the finishing techniques.  And, as an added bonus, the DVD includes 112 additional blocks!

Item #DV44RS  Retail $29.95

The Rose of Sharon template has all of the shapes needed to create these beutiful blocks so you can get straight to the fun!

Item #TE46RS  Retail $12.00

And then she combined forces with Aurifil to produce two thread collections.  Sharon chose an assortment of 12 – 40 weight cotton threads perfect for quilting your quilt and 12 – 50 weight cotton threads perfect for hand applique.

Item #RSE4012  Retail $99.00

Item #RSQ5012  Retail $99.00

Accuquilt jumped on board and created a die to cut these shapes just by cranking a handle!  Could quilting be any easier? Sharon has provided everything you need to produce – and personalize – your own version of an heirloom quality quilt.

Item #ACQ55045  Retail $59.99

Stop by the Checker Booth at Houston Quilt Market to meet this remarkable woman and learn how to turn her book into your next block of the month!

Hobo Quilts and Railroads

Debra G. Henninger grew up hearing stories of the Hobos who traveled across the country on the railroads.  Her grandmother had a reputation for being a great cook with a big heart – and would provide a meal to these travelers – often in exchange for chores. These childhood memories instilled in Debra a love of history and railroads.

Debra researched the secret language of Hobo signs – and translated them into original quilt blocks.  Her book – Hobo Quilts – includes 55 original blocks based on these signs – along with 20 different projects that utilize them.

Item #Z5432  Retail $27.99

But, Debra is a history buff so this is not just any quilt book.  There are historic pictures and stories of this unique time in our nation’s history – and what quilter doesn’t love a good story!
The authentic look of these quilts was achieved by using recycled wools and reproduction fabrics.  The Dunroven Fabrics are a perfect choice for the “homespun” look of these blocks.  Visit our website to see over 100 choices: http://www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics/?f_l=4281&page=1&f_v=D840.
To make designing your own projects using these blocks easier, Debra has teamed up with Electric Quilt to produce a program that includes all of the blocks and templates for these blocks.  Preview your fabric choices before you sew a stitch!
Item #ZY0650 Retail $19.99

Debra will be sharing stories and projects from her book at the Checker booth at Quilt Market in Houston on Saturday from 9:45 – 10:30.  Stop by for a visit!

Tis the Season to Prepare for the Holidays

Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks have combined forces to write a wonderful Christmas book – Tis the Season.  These “folk art” projects will warm the hearth of any home and greet the upcoming holiday season with style!  They were kind enough to share some of their projects with us at our recent Open House – and were among my favorite pieces!

Who could resist the cover quilt – simple squares embellished with a top row of stockings and trees.  Why not personalize the stockings so it becomes a true family heirloom…..

Item #B1030T  Retail $24.99

Many of the projects incorporate wool – my favorite handwork during the winter.  Don’t you love buttonhole stitching wool with your favorite pearl cottons?  For those of you who love rug hooking, these patterns would be beautiful worked in both art forms!  This star throw is a perfect example of a crossover project – one on the couch and one underfoot….

Not all of the projects are big.  Why not make an ottoman runner – that’s right – not all runners have to be placed on a table.  Look what happens when you add a touch of whimsy to a footstool….

But, for the more traditional, there are also table runners for tables….

Andn sometimes, a pillow says it all……